Downtown YMCA Swim Stroke Technique Practices

Iíll be running a morning swim practice from 6 AM to 7 AM on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Downtown Orlando YMCA (on the Corner of Mills and Amelia) starting on January 4th, 2005. The fee is $45/month and you may sign up one month at a time. Your money goes to the YMCA and all the programs it runs; they pay me a flat hourly rate. Each class will be limited to a reasonable size.

My normal fee for a one-on-one swim session outside of the Y is $75 per hour with a video analysis, or $60 without. In other words, these group sessions are a relative bargain.

General organization of each one hour practice session will include:

  • 5-10 minute warm up
  • 15-25 minutes of stroke drills, including on-deck & in-pool examples and illustrations
  • 15-25 minutes of a main set, during which time Iíll pull swimmers aside for individual instruction
  • 5-10 minute warm down

As we progress through the sessions, the drills and techniques we work on will grow more advanced. If your current technique is not very good, I may advise you to rebuild your stroke from the ground up. Changing your stroke technique can be frustrating in the short-run, but in the long run the improvements in your balance, form, energy expenditure, and comfort will pay off.

Some of the skills and drills we will cover include:



Hand entry


Stroke recovery


The glide & pull


Two-beat kick

Fingertip drag

Four-beat kick

High elbows

Head position

Fist swimming



Interval training

Butterfly kick

Alternate strokes

Power stroke

This course will focus on freestyle (front crawl) stroke, but we may cover the basics of some of the others as time permits.

Thanks for the interest,
Marty Gaal