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Coach Brianne Gaal

Brianne Gaal

About Bri

I grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida with 2 older sisters who were very active in sports. My father was involved in triathlons and one of my sisters started doing some youth races. She came home with some trophies and I decided that I also wanted to race! I was already on a kids swim team, and my dad had me run a few times around the block and decided I was ready. I entered my first youth triathlon at 8 years old and loved it. I also found out I really loved running.

I continued swimming age group until high school and competed in kids track meets and local 5K road races. I absolutely loved racing in triathlons and running. In high school I concentrated on running track and cross country, and playing basketball. Triathlons went on the backburner – there just wasn’t enough time!

I ran competitively all four years in college. First at Auburn University and then at the University of Central Florida. I found myself very burnt out from running and learned how negative coaching and lackadaisical planning can impact an athlete. I was frustrated and didn’t want to run anymore. I was done with competition.

My father convinced me to enter into a couple of local sprint triathlons and I quickly remembered how much fun I used to have! I was 21 and I’ve been training and racing in triathlons ever since. I met Marty and learned a ton about proper training and specific workouts that helped me to become stronger and faster. I’ve competed in distances ranging from sprint to ˝ Ironman events. I love the challenge, the camaraderie, and getting faster!

My Philosophy

My philosophy as a certified triathlon coach is very simple: Help people achieve their athletic goals while maintaining balance in their life and having fun.

Triathlon is a great sport. It allows the average person to set and accomplish realistic, yet tough goals. The sport allows you to meet other like-minded people and provides an outlet for stress. Most athletes will have a fulltime job and family obligations – and these are most important. That’s why I feel its important to hire a coach so the athlete can focus on competing and doing well – not details like scheduling and how to get the most out of their training. Let me worry about that. Most important, triathlon is fun. Working hard, staying motivated and achieving goals can all still be done while having fun – and I want to make sure that all my athletes have a good time while in the sport.

I would use a periodized training plan when putting together an athlete's schedule, taking into consideration their goals, strengths and weaknesses, and number of hours available to spend. Communication is key in developing the plan as well as adjusting the plan as time goes by, and I pride myself in getting to know athletes and having continuous contact throughout the program. I would also integrate a strength training plan, using a combination of specific weight workouts designed to enhance power and prevent injury as well as core workouts such as pilates and yoga.

As a collegiate runner, I feel I have a lot of sport specific knowledge to give to my athletes. I also worked full-time while studying for a masters degree and know quite a lot about time management. All of this will help me to be a better coach.

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Athletic Achievements

Denver Danskin Triathlon 2nd Overall Female
USAT Nationals 2nd Age Group (W25-29)
Key Biscayne Triathlon Trilogy #11st Overall Female
Madeira Beach Mad Dog Triathlon1st Overall Female
Subaru Womens Triathlon (St. Petersburg)1st Overall Female
USAT All-American (25-29)
Reebok Womens Triathlon St. Petersburg2nd Overall Female
Dunedin Sprint Triathlon1st Overall Female
Madeira Beach Mad Dog Triathlon2nd Overall Female
St. Anthony’s Triathlon5th Age Group (W25-29)