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One Step Beyond History

One Step Beyond is the brainchild of Marty and Bri Gaal. Our company name finds its roots in the 1979 Ska sound of Madness. Their smash hit, One Step Beyond, inspired both a cultural revolution and a melody for a way of life. We've taken that same happening vibe and applied it to the pursuit of athletic achievement. When you lie awake at night dreaming of a better tomorrow, you'll one day realize that all things great and small begin by taking that one step...beyond your comfort levels. Welcome to One Step Beyond.

Our journey on the road to athletic guruness started early in life. Marty's parents threw him off a boat in the ocean at age six and encouraged him to swim to shore, while Bri's parents had her winning kid's triathlons for breakfast before she was ten years old. Ah, the days of youth and innocence, when pain was just an inconvenience and tomorrow was like, so far away.

We've learned a lot in our journeys through age-group sports, high school athletics, collegiate competition, and the occasional prize money race. More importantly, we've observed both the good and bad in our coaches, mentors, friends, and teammates, and have distilled that down to the essence of good coaching and training.

One Step Beyond was officially incorporated in Florida in 2004, and since then we've developed coaching relationships and good friendships with many athletes across the globe.

Our mission at One Step Beyond is to help you achieve your personal athletic goals. We don't see anything wrong with having some fun along the way.

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