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Volume X, Issue VII

July, 2013  


Triangle Open Water Mile Swim Series

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2013 Race schedule:

The first race is almost here!

Saturday, May 11 - Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge (at Vista Point) 1.2/2.4

Sunday, July 21 - Little Uno and Big Deuce (at New Hope) 1 & 2 milers

Saturday, September 14 - Triangle Open Water Championship (at Vista Point) 1.2/2.4



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Powerstroke®: Speed through force and form DVD  

The DVD includes more than two hours of video of freestyle technique, drills, and common stroke errors & how to improve your high elbow catch and early vertical forearm.  We include underwater, above water, and freeze frame analysis.

Visit the website to read all about the DVD and purchase your copy today.



Our sponsored events and teams

One Step Beyond is pleased to be a sponsor of the following races and teams in 2013:

AAA North Carolina Triathlon Series  

Trysports Triathlon Series

FS Series Triathlons


Triangle Open Water Mile Swim Series 

Old School Aquathon Series   

NC State Triathlon Club 


The FSU Triathlon Club 





Dear Marty,

Welcome to Volume X, Issue VII - July 2013!    


Inside Out Sports Open Water Clinic

hosted by One Step Beyond 



The last OSB open water swim training clinic of the 2013 season will be held this Sunday, August 11 at Jordan Lake

815-900 - Introduction and lecture: Open Water Racing  

900-930 - Open Water starts, turns, finishes 

930-1000 - Open Water sighting, drafting, and dealing with crowds or anxiety 

1000-1020 - Swimming practice courses - under supervision 

1020-1100 - Lecture: Swim training for triathlon 

1100 - Q & A; clinic ends 


You can read all the details and sign up here!  


If you can't make it this weekend, our coaches are available for private sessions as well. 





Recent OSB Athlete News:


Tracy Moon 2nd overall at Sylvan Lake Sprint 

Coach Bri 1st overall at Lake Logan Intl Tri 

Kory Gray 4th overall at Stumpy Creek Intl Tri 

Mary Robbins 5th overall at Stumpy Creek Intl Tri 

Michael Conlon 3rd AG at Stumpy Creek Intl Tri 

Angela Respecki 11th AG at 70.3 Philippines 

Coach Marty 4th AG at USAT Aquathon Natls

Robert Radecki finishes his 2nd IM at Lake Placid

Robert Radecki (Sr) finishes his 7th Lake Placid!
Frank Rexford PR at Triangle Triathlon
Melissa Alfano PR at Triangle Tri
Erik Johnson 1st AG at Defiance Sprint Tri
Mary Robbins 1st overall at Triangle Tri
Kory Gray 3rd overall at Triangle Tri
Coach Daniel 4th AG at Triangle Tri
Cari Soleo 1st AG (5th OA) at Triangle Tri
Julie Paddison 4th AG at Triangle Tri
Joanne Piscitelli 3rd AG at Triangle Tri
Coach Bri 2nd overall at Mission Man Tri
Audrey Schipprack 1st AG at Mission Man Tri
Laurie O'Connor 4th AG at Mission Man Tri
Michael Conlon 1st AG at Mission Man Tri
Brian Mann 3rd AG at Mission Man Tri
Coach Marty 10th overall at Mission Man Tri
Coach Bri 2nd overall at Cary Roundabout 5k
Coach Marty 3rd AG at Cary Roundabout 5k

Tracy Moon 3rd AG at Clermont Sprint #2
Doug Cowell 2nd overall at Pine Bush Sprint tri
Coach Bri 1st overall at Old School Aquathon

Mary Robbins 3rd overall at Old School Aquathon 



Picking your next event

Marty Gaal, CSCS



You've finished your big race for the season. You rested, tapered, and then went all out.  A few days later, you start asking yourself, "What's next?"  


If you're like most endurance athletes, it is difficult to stay well motivated without a training/racing goal on the horizon.  You may be able to muddle through a handful of months by mixing up your training and keeping things interesting, but at some point you'll want to pick a target and start aiming directly at it.


Pick an event that fits your life.  If you're chasing a toddler or two around it may not be the best time of life to attempt an ultra-endurance event like an Ironman.  If your money situation is tight, picking a less costly / closer to home event will cause less financial stress.  If you're coming back from a serious running injury, a marathon is a high risk choice. 


Pick something you want to do, not someone else.  We can hang off of someone else's goals for a while, but ultimately real motivation and passion will come from preparing for a feat that you want to accomplish.


Pick an event that suits your strengths. I have this talk with a few of my athletes every season - if you really dislike the hills then don't make your main goal of the season a race with lots of hills (unless you are prepared to change your mentality about hills). That is called setting yourself up for failure. If you suffer badly in the heat, pick a race with a high probability of cooler temps. Set yourself up for success. 


Give yourself enough time to prepare. Dithering around for four months and then training 'hard' for three is a great way to fall short of your original goals.  Pick your goal and start today - not tomorrow, not next week.  


Pick a couple interim goals. We advise some less-important races along the way to your main race, but you can also do solo time trialing and/or metabolic testing to really quantify your fitness progression. 


Give yourself a plan. Whether you do your own thing or work with a coach, get yourself a written plan that provides a comprehensive overview of the approach you will use.  There are many good approaches and many right ways to prepare - so pick one and get going.  :) 




Marty Gaal, CSCS, is lead coach and co-founder of One Step Beyond. Marty and the One Step Beyond coaches work with endurance athletes around the globe.



One Step Beyond
Masters Swimming  

Masters logo11

Looking for a solid season of swim training in the Triangle area?  Join the TITANS-OSB Cary Masters swim team at the Triangle Aquatic Center (TAC) in Cary, North Carolina.  All workouts take place at TAC.

This is a year-round program open to all 18+ athletes.


Practice times are:
Monday 545-715AM distance & aerobic endurance
Monday 800-900PM distance & aerobic endurance
Tuesday 545-700AM core strength and swim technique 
Wednesday 545-700AM mixed stroke  

Wednesday 800-900PM mixed stroke 
Thursday 600-700AM distance and mid-distance
Friday 545-7AM core strength, swim speedwork

Some Saturdays 700-830AM coaches choice 

The fees:

$52.50 per month for all swim workout times, or $6.50 per session.

TITANS-OSB Masters details.  



OSB Swim Clinics and Lessons in 2013

One Step Beyond offers three different types of swim clinics throughout the year:

Beginner Swim Clinics focus on breathing patterns, comfort, and the key freestyle techniques for swim training & improvement. 3 hours long. Beginner to Early Intermediate level.

February 24 - complete

Powerstroke Freestyle Technique clinics are 5.5 hour in-depth classes on swim mechanics and methods for speed and power improvement.  Includes videotaping and feedback.  Early Intermediate to Advanced level. 6 CEUs with USA Triathlon for certified coaches.

March 30 - complete
October 19 (updated date)

Open Water Training clinics are conducted at lakes, oceans, and bays and cover all the tools, tips, and tricks you need to improve your ability and confidence in open water.  3 hours long. All levels. 3 CEUs with USA Triathlon for certified coaches.

April 27 - complete
June 9 - complete
July 13 - complete
August 11

Individual swim lessons
We also provide individual swim lessons in the pool year round, as well as open water during summer.  These can be 1/2 hour or full hour with under and above water video taping.

View all swim lesson options here

View all clinic options here


One Step Beyond is an endurance coaching business based in Cary, North Carolina.  OSB is co-owner and primary sponsor of the Triangle Open Water Mile Swim Series and Old School Aquathon Series. To unsubscribe from this newsletter, follow the directions below.





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