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Dear Marty,  

We're about to enter a new year!  Time to make some resolutions you won't break until February or so. :)


Don't have time for resolutions?  Read our most recent article on how to use a simple thing like adequate sleep to help you feel better and race faster in 2016.


In this issue:


We have also released our 2016 clinic schedule.  


Running technique and training clinic - February 06

Beginner swim clinics - Jan 31 and April 02

Powerstroke technique swim clinics - March 12 and October 15

Open water swim clinics - Apr 16, May 15, Jun 11, Jul 10, Aug 20


Please visit this OSB clinic link for all clinic details, times and locations.


Sleep article                                     


Sleep is a wonderful thing. It lets us recharge and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to tackle another adventure.  Or does it?


Your body needs sleep.  But many of your are not getting enough of it.  A recent review of data from the CDC reports that about 35% of adults are not getting enough sleep.  The data from 2009 shows that only about 30% of teens were getting enough sleep (70% are NOT getting enough).  


This information is from a general population review.  When you add in endurance athletics and strength training, you require even more.  This short article from WebMD explains that, while everyone is different, athletes in training should add 'about an hour' extra per night.  You can extrapolate this to mean if you're training at an unusually high level, you made need even more than that.


This article hosted by the Gatorade Science Institute lists a few more studies showing the impact of sleep or lack thereof on maximal and sub-maximal performance.   And here is a very descriptive article from the National Institute of Health about how a lack of sleep affects health via metabolic, endocrine and immune system consequences.  If you read this article you will be scared, or convinced, hopefully both.


But I know you're busy, so here's the summary of the above and others:


  • During sleep the bulk of your naturally occurring human growth hormone (HGH) is released. This aids in muscle repair, which also occurs primarily while you sleep.  
  • Sleep allows your brain to recover and organize and make sense of your day/life.
  • 7-8 hours is normal in adults, 9-10 in teens, 10+ in younger folk.  Add time for activity.
  • With a complete lack of sleep, most people would die in ten days or less.  


With inadequate sleep, re: not enough or disturbed through multiple interruptions, loud ambient noises, sleep apnea, or your beautiful new baby :-) the following slowly results:


  • Less HGH than maximum is produced, resulting in incomplete muscle repair and testosterone reduction, meaning less muscle and more fat on your frame.
  • Mood, judgement, and coordination are all negatively impacted
  • Time to fatigue is decreased (you get tired more quickly)
  • Perceived exertion is increased (things feel harder than your physiology dictates)
  • Heat management is impacted 
  • The stress hormone cortisol level increases (this is bad)
  • Reduction in insulin sensitivity (re: increase in insulin resistance - also bad)
  • Inflammation in your body increases, which has a long term correlation with cancer
  • Increased appetite and associated weight gain
  • Immune system is compromised; you become sick easier
  • Long term: linked with diabetes, obesity, heart disease, falling asleep at the wheel, and in general, dying before your should.

There are a few other points but this covers the bulk of them as related to athletics. You need your sleep.  If you're currently too busy to get your sleep, then you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to unbusy yourself, improve your time management, and get to bed on time.



Marty Gaal, CSCS,, is a USA Triathlon coach. He has been working with endurance athletes since 2002 and is the co-founder of One Step Beyond. He loves naps.




The OSB racing team took 2nd in the team division at Pittsboro Reindeer Run

Angela Respecki runs the Honolulu Marathon

Kathy Larkin runs the Jingle all the Way 5k
We had a great holiday season and are ready to race in 2016!


OSB coaching programscoaching


One Step Beyond offers customized individual endurance training programs to triathletes, runners, and swimmers throughout the year.  Our most popular ongoing program is called Basic Steps coaching.


If you want a great schedule but don't feel the need for extensive interaction during the training cycle, this is the plan for you. Our coaches will create a professional training plan designed around your specific goals and constraints, with adjustments along the way as needed. Your coach will be available to you via email or text, which we check and respond to Monday thru Friday.


The initial interview is conducted by phone, and all ongoing coaching is accomplished through Training Peaks software and email support. You will receive:


- Annual Training Plan

- A weekly schedule with specific daily workouts  

- Group training sessions
- Ongoing email support for all questions (client initiated)
- Race day pacing and nutrition advice
- Necessary adjustments of your schedule
- Regular feedback from your coach
- 20% discount on additional personal training and consulting sessions
- A Trainingpeaks training account


Powerstroke: Speed through force and form DVD powerstrokedvd


Powerstroke® is Coach Marty Gaal's method for teaching competitive freestyle swimming technique to adult triathletes and open water racers. The Powerstroke® DVD was specifically developed for adult swimmers looking to improve their swim speed in triathlon, open water racing, and distance pool events.


Powerstroke DVD


Powerstroke® is:

  • A concept designed to teach the integral relationship between good form and the application of force when swimming
  • A specific drill you can include in your daily workouts
  • A stroke form that will help you torpedo your way to a PR finish
  • A way of swimming

The Powerstroke®: Speed through force and form DVD includes:

  • 40 minute lecture: What is Powerstroke?
  • 25 minute general freestyle swim technique analysis: The three types of freestyle stroke mechanics and how to progress to the strongest: High elbow catch / early vertical forearm
  • 25 minute Powerstroke freestyle swimming technique in-depth explanation
  • 1 hour of seven key drills and detailed descriptions
  • 4 minute stretching and dryland exercise video

Purchase your copy here!



OSB premade training programs are for athletes who would like to follow a well made training plan, but don't require ongoing coaching.

One Step Beyond currently offers:

Intermediate 16 week Half-Ironman 70.3 Triathlon Training Plan - $79.99

Intermediate 16 week Olympic distance triathlon training plan - $69.95
Intermediate 10 week Olympic distance triathlon training plan - $59.95

Beginner 16 week Olympic distance triathlon training plan - $69.95

Beginner 10 week Olympic distance triathlon training plan - 49.95

Intermediate 10 week sprint triathlon training plan - $59.95
Beginner 16 week sprint triathlon triathlon training plan - $69.95

Beginner 10k run in 10 weeks training program - $44.99


You can review and purchase any of our plans, hosted on the TrainingPeaks platform here.


Swim workout of the monthswimworkouts


This month's swim workout focuses on endurance.  You can mix in some skills work or stroke at various points.


Warm up:

400 easy

6 x 50 kick on sides, back, normal, repeat on :15

6 x 100 pull descend 1-3 on :15


Main set on about :10 rest per 100

400 steady

300 faster than above

200 faster than above

100 fast

300 steady

200 faster than above

100 fast

200 steady

100 fast


Stroke swimmers could do the 200s or 100s stroke or IM. Optional paddles throughout.


Distance swimmers could start with a 500 to add 1,500 more to the set.


Cool down:

100 easy kick

100 easy swim


Total 3,100 or 4,600


You can check out workouts like these with the Titans-OSB Masters swim team in Cary, NC!


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Thanks to the following organizations, that provide service and support to One Step Beyond athletes.






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