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This month's training tip involves post workout nutrition. 


During a training session, you will burn stored fat, stored muscle glycogen, and calories that you take in during the session itself. Shorter training sessions burn less calories; longer sessions burn more. Harder sessions burn a higher amount of total calories, and more of those calories come via muscle glycogen (glycolysis) than from stored fat.


The moral of the story here is that if you consistently do workouts lasting longer than an hour, or include higher efforts like 10k pace running intervals, or 100 yard sets swimming close to maximum effort, you will burn through a lot of your stored muscle glycogen.  


The optimum window for refueling is within 30 minutes of finishing. That is when your system is most receptive to taking whatever fuel you just put in and using it to replace glycogen stores and begin the process of rebuilding broken down muscle.  Up to an hour after is still good, but after that the research indicates that you've really "missed your window."


You can still refuel if you miss the window, but the process is not quite as complete.  Miss refueling entirely and you'll know it pretty quick - you'll be hungry, sore, and tired in a jiff.


A recent study on fuel types revealed that the food type doesn't matter as much as the food timing. You can read the summary here.  Point being: Get some fuel in soon after your workout to help the recovery process. Over the long term cleaner eating a better option, but if you just hammered the bike for four hours and are starving, pulling into a drive-through is not a bad idea.


During times of higher volume and higher intensity training, where you may be doing hard and long workouts day in an day out, this becomes a crucial link in your overall training (along with recovery and hydration).  Miss the window over repeated sessions, and you'll soon notice a nose dive in your training performance.  


Stay on top of your nutrition, and while you may be tired and sore, you'll usually start to feel better after the warm up, and lower your chances of injury.


A couple options we like are PB&J sandwiches, lowfat chocolate milk, or any formulated meal/drink that has a good balance of carbs, proteins, and fat. Keeping things like Clif Bars or some Endurox mix in the care are not a bad idea.


Marty Gaal, CSCS, is a USA Triathlon coach. He has been working with endurance athletes since 2002.





Scott Cunningham swims his first 2 miler at Big Deuce

Julie Paddison 4th AG at Big Deuce

Bryan Peachey 8th AG at Big Deuce

Erik Johnson 1st AG at Little Uno

Kim Barker 6th AG at Big Deuce

Coach Bri 3rd OA at Little Uno

Doug Cowell 2nd AG at Little Uno

Angie Amisano 6th Ag at Little Uno

Kory Gray 1st AG at Little Uno

Montana 3rd AG at Rex Wellness Garner

Jason Schneider 11th AG at Rex Wellness Garner

Tim Gensler 3rd OA at the Loveland Lake to Lake Triathlon
Tanner Lovelace drops 1 hour from his olympic distance time at Chattanooga Waterfront Tri
Frank Rexford 3rd AG and first time on the podium at the Lake Hickory Triathlon
Anne Macdonald 1st AG and 5th OA at Lake Hickory Triathlon
Joanne Piscitelli 1st AG at Lake Hickory Triathlon
Angela Respecki 4th AG at Lake Hickory Triathlon
Dennis Respecki 4th AG at Lake Hickory Triathlon
Brian Rice 6th AG at Lake Hickory Triathlon
Coach Bri 2nd OA at Lake Hickory Triathlon
Coach Marty 2nd open master at Lake Hickory Triathlon
Paul Amisano PR and 6th AG at the Smile Train Sprint Triathlon
Angie Amisano PR and 10th AG at Smile Train Sprint Triathlon

Erik Johnson crushes a 4 mile run in New Hampshire

Doug Cowell 2nd AG at Xterra Greensboro
Dennis Respecki 2nd OA at the Cadillac YMCA Anyone Can Tri
Tanner Lovelace PR at 3 Little Pigs Triathlon
Coach Bri 1st OA at 3 Little PIgs Tri
Coach Marty 2nd OA at 3 Little Pigs Tri
Paul & Angie Amisano run the DC Lawyers Have Heart 10k


Julie Paddison escapes from Alcatraz
Bryan Peachey escapes from Alcatraz
Tim Gensler 4th AG and PR at Crescent Moon sprint triathlon
Laurie O'Connor 1st AG and PR at Kerr Lake international riathlon
Kim Barker 1st Athena at Kerr Lake
Kathryn Scovel 1st AG at Kerr Lake
Tracy Moon 1st AG / 10th OA at CFT Sprint #1


Upcoming swim clinicsclinics


Open Water Training clinics are conducted at lakes, oceans, and bays and cover all the tools, tips, and tricks you need to improve your ability and confidence in open water. 3 hours long. All levels. 2 CEUs with USA Triathlon for certified coaches.

August 15 - Jordan Lake


Beginner Swim Clinics focus on breathing patterns, comfort, and the key freestyle techniques for swim training & improvement. 3 hours long. Beginner to Early Intermediate level.

Late fall date TBD

Powerstroke Freestyle Technique clinics are 5.5 hour in-depth classes on swim mechanics and methods for speed and power improvement. Includes videotaping and feedback. Early Intermediate to Advanced level. 5 CEUs with USA Triathlon for certified coaches.

October 10 at Triangle Aquatic Center

Open water training sessions
One Step Beyond offers weeknight open water training sessions at Jordan Lake to the swimming community during the spring and summer months.  Dates are every 2 weeks through September.

Individual swim lessons

We also provide individual swim lessons in the pool year round, as well as open water during summer. These can be 1/2 hour or full hour with under and above water video taping. All sessions are completed at the Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary, NC.


Little Uno & Big Deuce Open Water resultsJordanresults


It was smooth sailing at the Little Uno and Big Deuce swims on July 11 at New Hope Overlook this season!  Calm waters and pleasant skies resulted in some quick times for 2015. 

The next event in the series is the Triangle Open Water Championship on October 3 at Vista Point on Jordan Lake, with 1.2 and 2.4 mile options.  Sign up here!

Little Uno 1 mile top overall male results:
1. Whit Hughston 22:30
2. Chris Pittelli 23:23 (M)
3. Billy Su 24:46 (M)
Top Master: Erik Johnson 24:51

Little Uno 1 mile top overall female results:
1. Stirling Smith 24:26
2. Joceyln Midgett 26:05
3. Brianne Gaal 26:37
Top Master: Kimberly Killeen 29:12

Big Deuce 2 mile top overall male results:
1. Samuel Tucker 45:18
2. Erik Crankshaw 49:25 (M)
3. Georgy Scholten 50:10
Top Master: Robert Levine 50:24

Big Deuce 2 mile top overall female results:
1. Ashley Twichell 43:08
2. Heidi Williams 47:12 (M)
3. Lauraleigh Guthrie 49:55
Top Master: Patricia Rohner 54:50

*(M) - master but no duplication of awards

Full results are posted here.


OSB coaching programscoaching


One Step Beyond offers customized individual endurance training programs to triathletes, runners, and swimmers throughout the year.  Our most popular ongoing program is called Basic Steps coaching.


If you want a great schedule but don't feel the need for extensive interaction during the training cycle, this is the plan for you. Our coaches will create a professional training plan designed around your specific goals and constraints, with adjustments along the way as needed. Your coach will be available to you via email or text, which we check and respond to Monday thru Friday.


The initial interview is conducted by phone, and all ongoing coaching is accomplished through Training Peaks software and email support. You will receive:


- Annual Training Plan

- A weekly schedule with specific daily workouts  

- Group training sessions
- Ongoing email support for all questions (client initiated)
- Race day pacing and nutrition advice
- Necessary adjustments of your schedule
- Regular feedback from your coach
- 20% discount on additional personal training and consulting sessions
- A Trainingpeaks training account


Swim workouts of the monthswimworkouts


The key to improving your swimming is two-fold.  Step one is improving your technique, because without good technique your hydrodynamics and efficiency with always be limited. 

Step two is how you train.  It's not uncommon for newer swimmers to just 'swim laps,' with no focus on technique drills or breaking up the session into shorter interval segments.  Below are a couple options to consider for your upcoming workouts.  These can always be cut down by a percentage if the distance listed is too long for your current ability.  Enjoy!

2,500 sprint focus workout
warm up:
400 easy
4 x 50 kick on :15 (rest)
main set:
3 x 100 descend 1-3 (so 3 is fast) on :15

1 x 50 easy drill on :20

8 x 50 fast on :30-45 

2 x 50 easy drill on :15

3 x 100 descend 1-3 on :15

1 x 50 easy kick :20

6 x 50 fast with paddles on :30-45

cool down:

4 x 50 drills choice :15

200 easy stretch it out


4,000 endurance focus workout
warm up:
500 easy
6 x 50 drills :15
200 kick
main set:
4 x 400s as 250 steady - 150 faster (mod-hard) on :30, pull 2 of these

100 easy

10 x 100 mod to mod hard on :10

cool down:

100 easy

You can experience these types of sessions and more with the Titans-OSB Cary Masters swim team, training at the Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary, North Carolina.


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