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Summer 2016 Kids Triathlon Training Group

We're teaming up with Coach Brooks Doughtie of All Out Multisport to offer a summertime Kids Triathlon training group!  The program, for ages 7-14, will kick off in June, 2016 and run for ten weeks, leading up to a late August kids triathlon in the Raleigh area. We'll have two coach-led practices per week.  Please read more about the OSB Kids Triathlon training group here.


In this issue:


Our upcoming clinics:


Apr 16, May 15, Jun 11, Jul 10, Aug 20 - Open water swim clinics


Please visit the links above for all clinic details, times and locations.


How aero can you go? article                                     


Getting aerodynamic on the bike is something to invest some time and energy in, if you care about things like being as fast as possible, maximizing your speed in triathlon or cycling events, and bragging rights amongst your training buddies. 


The order of importance can be argued a bit, but for the most part, the process includes installing aerobars (for time trialing/triathlon) and achieving the best fit you can without sacrificing power or too much comfort. If you really want to get dialed in, you could spend some time in a wind tunnel.  After this, your next steps include the following:


Wear tight/aero clothes. If your bike or triathlon jersey flaps or puffs up in the back, it is acting like a sail and slowing you down. 


Shave your legs. Yes, that makes a difference!


Stay in your aero position as much as possible while racing. Exceptions may include when climbing or turning, for safety reasons, or when eating/drinking.


Get yourself an aerodynamic helmet. Could be a minute or more in time savings over a 40k!


Get yourself some aerodynamic wheels. Now, there is a lot of marketing out there with regard to aerodynamic wheels and the most expensive wheels have the disadvantage (to us) of also being some of the most proven to be aerodynamic in most wind conditions. That said, there are some very good wheels available for less cost.  A few things to know: The front wheel is more important than the back wheel for reducing drag; the best wheel in back for most conditions is a disc (or disc cover) if you can manage the side wind gusts; carbon wheels are lighter than aluminum but doesn't brake as well in wet conditions and need special brakes; tubulars are lighter than clincher tires. 


Get a super awesome aerodynamic bike.


I haven't figured out how to quickly put on aero shoe covers in a triathlon but will let you know if that changes.


Note: Your spouse will not appreciate you mortgaging the house to facilitate all this, so I suggest you spread it out over time. :)


Marty Gaal, NSCA CSCS, is a USA Triathlon coach. He has been working with endurance athletes since 2002 and is the co-founder of One Step Beyond. He races on a Hed 3 in front and a Mavic cosmic elite with disc cover in back.




Angela Respecki 3rd AG at Philippines Tri United Olympic Distance Triathlon

Laurie O'Connor 3rd overall at the Everglades 25k

Jenni Barker 2nd AG and PR at Wrightsville Beach Valentine's Day 10k

Coach Bri 1st OA at the UGTB Grindin' 5 mile trail run

Frank Rexford 4th AG at the UGTB Grindin' 5 mile run

Coach Marty 1st Master at the UGTB Grindin' 10 mile trail run

Erik Johnson 3rd Master at the UGTB Grindin' 10 mile trail run


OSB coaching programscoaching


One Step Beyond offers customized individual endurance training programs to triathletes, runners, and swimmers throughout the year.  Our most popular ongoing program is called Basic Steps coaching.


If you want a great schedule but don't feel the need for extensive interaction during the training cycle, this is the plan for you. Our coaches will create a professional training plan designed around your specific goals and constraints, with adjustments along the way as needed. Your coach will be available to you via email or text, which we check and respond to Monday thru Friday.


The initial interview is conducted by phone, and all ongoing coaching is accomplished through Training Peaks software and email support. You will receive:


- Annual Training Plan

- A weekly schedule with specific daily workouts  

- Group training sessions
- Ongoing email support for all questions (client initiated)
- Race day pacing and nutrition advice
- Necessary adjustments of your schedule
- Regular feedback from your coach
- 20% discount on additional personal training and consulting sessions
- A Trainingpeaks training account


Powerstroke: Speed through force and form DVD powerstrokedvd


Powerstroke® is Coach Marty Gaal's method for teaching competitive freestyle swimming technique to adult triathletes and open water racers. The Powerstroke® DVD was specifically developed for adult swimmers looking to improve their swim speed in triathlon, open water racing, and distance pool events.


Powerstroke DVD


Powerstroke® is:

  • A concept designed to teach the integral relationship between good form and the application of force when swimming
  • A specific drill you can include in your daily workouts
  • A stroke form that will help you torpedo your way to a PR finish
  • A way of swimming

The Powerstroke®: Speed through force and form DVD includes:

  • 40 minute lecture: What is Powerstroke?
  • 25 minute general freestyle swim technique analysis: The three types of freestyle stroke mechanics and how to progress to the strongest: High elbow catch / early vertical forearm
  • 25 minute Powerstroke freestyle swimming technique in-depth explanation
  • 1 hour of seven key drills and detailed descriptions
  • 4 minute stretching and dryland exercise video

Purchase your copy here!



OSB premade training programs are for athletes who would like to follow a well made training plan, but don't require ongoing coaching. These plans can be set so they can end on the day of your A race and include a free TrainingPeaks account.

One Step Beyond currently offers:

Intermediate 16 week Half-Ironman 70.3 Triathlon Training Plan - $79.99

Intermediate 16 week Olympic distance triathlon training plan - $69.95
Intermediate 10 week Olympic distance triathlon training plan - $59.95

Beginner 16 week Olympic distance triathlon training plan - $69.95

Beginner 10 week Olympic distance triathlon training plan - 49.95

Intermediate 10 week sprint triathlon training plan - $59.95
Beginner 16 week sprint triathlon triathlon training plan - $69.95

Beginner 10k run in 10 weeks training program - $44.99


You can review and purchase any of our plans, hosted on the TrainingPeaks platform here.


Swim workout of the monthswimworkouts


This month's swim workout is a tough distance set.  Stroke swimmers: you could mix in stroke work as you'd like as part of the main set.


Warm up (900):

400 easy

4 x 50 kick - normal, sides, back, normal :15

6 x 50 drills choice :15


Main set (2400+):

6 x 100 :10 - steady

3 x 200 :20 - paddles

2 x 300 :30 - steady, fins optional

1 x 600 1:00 - hard-fast

you could stop here, or continue back down the pyramid (1,800 more):

2 x 300 :30 - steady, fins optional

3 x 200 :20 - paddles

6 x 100 :10 - mod hard to hard if you're feeling good, easy if not


Cool down (200):

100 easy kick

100 easy swim


Total 3,500 to 5,300


You can check out workouts like these with the Titans-OSB Masters swim team in Cary, NC!


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