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Dear Marty,  

The weather is warming up and your bike, goggles and running shoes are calling! Our feature article this month is a repeat of one of our 2013 articles about adjusting expectations: How to deal with training and racing when life takes precedence.



Summer 2016 Kids Triathlon Training Group: June 19-August 28

We're teaming up with Coach Brooks Doughtie of All Out Multisport to offer a summertime Kids Triathlon training group!  The program, for ages 7-14, will kick off in June, 2016 and run for ten weeks, leading up to a late August kids triathlon in the Raleigh area. We'll have two coach-led practices per week.  Please read more about the OSB Kids Triathlon training group here.



Open Water Clinic #2 - Sunday, May 15

One Step Beyond offers several open water clinics through the spring and summer at Jordan Lake or Harris Lake.  Each clinic includes lectures on open water venues/conditions and on swim training structure; demonstration and then practice of open water skills such as sighting, drafting, turns, starts, and dealing with crowds; and a monitored 250m open water swim (or two). We work to ensure that each participant is well prepared for their future open water races. Each clinic is certified for 3 CEUs with USA Triathlon coaches.


You can read more and enroll here:

2016 open water clinic dates:

April 16

May 15

June 11

July 10

August 20


Open water swim practices:

We also offer ten 1-hour open water practices throughout the spring and summer.  These are weekday evening sessions meant to be used as training for our athletes and the swim community at large. The next practice will be during the week of May 23.  Please follow this link for OSB open water practice details.


Adjusting Expectations article                                     


Part of any well-rounded athletic training program includes realistic goal setting. Goal setting can be as simple as losing X amount of weight and 'getting into better shape,' or include targeting a specific time / performance goal at a specific event. In the endurance athletic world the tendency is towards the latter although there is nothing wrong at all with the former. 


As the season progresses, you should see measurable results via improved body composition, increased endurance, and increased speed at certain effort levels. These interim milestones allow you to adjust your future expectations upwards or downwards. 


Interruptions and adjustments are a part of life. Most adult triathletes have multiple commitments including family harmony and work-related stress like travel, deadlines, and unsupportive bosses. Your initial goal of winning your age group in a big race may not be realistic after you had to spend two weeks visiting multiple job sites and working 15 hour days. Or you may run into the cold hard reality that you are not, in fact, Superman or Superwoman and can only burn the candle at both ends for a few days at a time before you need time off of training to mentally rest and relax.


In an ideal world, you will successfully handle all of the above as well as the sort of training required to meet your goals. You'll arrive at your goal race well prepared to execute and meet or beat your personal goals. 


However, that's not always the case. Everything in sum may become overwhelming. If this sounds like you, here are a few tips to keep yourself motivated and enjoying all the training you are able to complete. 



Make sure you understand what is most important to you and then work from there. Most of us put more value into keeping our families happy and keeping our jobs. 


Adjust your time commitment and performance goals.

If your original Ironman season plan had your average hours set at 15 hours of training per week (for example), accept that this may be unrealistic for you. Slice a couple hours off and expect to be 5-10% slower than you would have been. You can still have a great day and will be in terrific shape. 


Make it social.

Endurance athletics is ultimately an individual sport where you excel through your personal work habits and individual ability. You can take some of the sting out of lowered expectations by expanding your worldview to value the social side of training with groups and friends. 


Enjoy the little things.

Rather than stress about not being able to repeat sub-6 minute miles (for example) on a running interval day, revel in the fact that you can do several miles at sub-6:30 pace and come back to train again the following day. 


Take the long view.

While this particular season or training cycle may not be the best you could have achieved had everything else in your life gone according to plan, doing the best you can with the time and energy you do have will set you up for future successes, when life outside of athletics may not be so challenging. 


Success in endurance athletics is not built on one season of training and racing alone. You may have heard of the 10,000 hour rule. This is the idea that it takes that many hours of practice to become truly skilled in an endeavor. While it may not take quite that much time for each individual, it gives you some idea of the amount of work it takes to become really, really good. Those superfast athletes you are hoping to mix it up with did not start out that way. All of them have practiced consistently for years and years. No one can jam that much practice into just one season! 


When push comes to shove, your satisfaction in sport is based on simple factors: Accepting your current limitations and doing the best you can to challenge those limitations within the framework of the rest of your life. Do that, and you will have the mental capacity to repeat the athletic goal setting process for the rest of your life. Rage against the machine and you will experience untimely burnout and frustration, which will negatively affect both your physical and mental well-being


Marty Gaal, NSCA CSCS, is a USA Triathlon coach. He has been working with endurance athletes since 2002 and is the co-founder of One Step Beyond. He enjoys mental toughness in the morning with a nice cup of coffee.




Lisa Hoff 1st Master at Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge 2.4

Jenni Barker 4th AG at Jordan Lake OW 2.4

Marian Bergdolt 2nd AG at Jordan Lake OW 1.2

Anne Macdonald 16th AG at Jordan Lake OW 1.2

Joanne Piscitelli 2nd AG at Jordan Lake OW 1.2

Kathryn Scovel 3rd AG at Jordan Lake OW 1.2

Kim Barker 11th AG at Jordan Lake OW 1.2

Morgan Farrell 4th AG at Jordan Lake OW 1.2

Angie McDonald 5th AG at Jordan Lake OW 1.2

Paul Amisano 5th AG at Jordan Lake OW 1.2

Angie Amisano 9th AG at Jordan Lake OW 1.2

Diane Huis 6th AG at Jordan Lake OW 1.2

Cari Soleo 1st AG at Jordan Lake OW 1.2

Tanner Lovelace 20th AG at Jordan Lake OW 1.2

Coach Bri 2nd AG at Jordan Lake OW 1.2


Joanne Piscitelli runs a recent years 5k PR at the March for Babies 5k

Thys Wind 1st OA at Inside Out Sports (IOS) Beaverdam Olympic Tri

Kathryn Scovel 3rd AG at IOS Beaverdam Olympic Tri

Cari Soleo 3rd OA at Triangle Orthopaedic (TOA) Sprint Tri

Laurie O'Connor 2nd AG at IOS Beaverdam Olympic Tri

Marian Bergdolt 1st AG at TOA Sprint Tri

Erik Johnson 2nd AG at IOS Beaverdam Olympic Tri

Angie McDonald 1st AG at TOA Beaverdam Sprint Tri

Kim Barker 5th AG at IOS Beaverdam Olympic Tri

Rob Moreira 9th AG at IOS Beaverdam Olympic Tri

Diane Huis 2nd AG at IOS Beaverdam Olympic Tri

Anne Macdonald 4th AG at IOS Beaverdam Olympic Tri

Coach Daniel 1st AG at TOA Sprint Tri

Coach Bri 2nd OA at IOS Beaverdam Olympic Tri

Coach Marty 2nd OA at IOS Beaverdam Olympic Tri


Angie Amisano 10th AG at White Lake Olympic Tri

Paul Amisano 14th AG at White Lake Olympic Tri

Scott Cunningham 7th AG at White Lake Olympic Tri

Jenni Barker 6th OA, 2nd AG at White Lake Olympic Tri

Anne Macdonald runs a BQ - at the Boston Marathon!

Thys Wind 5th AG at Tar Heel 10 miler

Frank Rexford 47th AG the Tar Heel 10 miler

Dave Culbertson 65th AG the Tar Heel 10 miler

Tanner Lovelace runs the Kemah Olympic Tri (du)athlon!

Coach Marty 1st OA at the Morrisville Elementary Stampede 5k


Joanne Piscitelli 1st AG and PR at the Granite Falls sprint tri

Angela Respecki 2nd AG at the Subic Bay olympic distance triathlon

Erik Johnson 2nd AG and sub 21 5k at the Patriot 5k

Anne Macdonald running Boston Marathon as you read this

Lisa Hoff PR and 4th AG at Cary road race 5k
Paul Amisano PR at the Cary road race 10k
Angie Amisano PR at the Cary road race 10k

Audrey Schipprack PR, BQ, 1st AG and 10th OA at the Emerald Isle Marathon

Marian Bergdolt 2nd AG at the Raleigh Rock N Roll Half Marathon

Rob Moreira triple brick Saturday and runs Raleigh Rock N Rolll Half on Sunday

OSB'ers knock out the triple brick on a windy Saturday


OSB coaching programscoaching


One Step Beyond offers customized individual endurance training programs to triathletes, runners, and swimmers throughout the year.  Our most popular ongoing program is called Basic Steps coaching.


If you want a great schedule but don't feel the need for extensive interaction during the training cycle, this is the plan for you. Our coaches will create a professional training plan designed around your specific goals and constraints, with adjustments along the way as needed. Your coach will be available to you via email or text, which we check and respond to Monday thru Friday.


The initial interview is conducted by phone, and all ongoing coaching is accomplished through Training Peaks software and email support. You will receive:


- Annual Training Plan

- A weekly schedule with specific daily workouts  

- Group training sessions
- Ongoing email support for all questions (client initiated)
- Race day pacing and nutrition advice
- Necessary adjustments of your schedule
- Regular feedback from your coach
- 20% discount on additional personal training and consulting sessions
- A Trainingpeaks training account


Powerstroke: Speed through force and form DVD powerstrokedvd


Powerstroke® is Coach Marty Gaal's method for teaching competitive freestyle swimming technique to adult triathletes and open water racers. The Powerstroke® DVD was specifically developed for adult swimmers looking to improve their swim speed in triathlon, open water racing, and distance pool events.


Powerstroke DVD


Powerstroke® is:

  • A concept designed to teach the integral relationship between good form and the application of force when swimming
  • A specific drill you can include in your daily workouts
  • A stroke form that will help you torpedo your way to a PR finish
  • A way of swimming

The Powerstroke®: Speed through force and form DVD includes:

  • 40 minute lecture: What is Powerstroke?
  • 25 minute general freestyle swim technique analysis: The three types of freestyle stroke mechanics and how to progress to the strongest: High elbow catch / early vertical forearm
  • 25 minute Powerstroke freestyle swimming technique in-depth explanation
  • 1 hour of seven key drills and detailed descriptions
  • 4 minute stretching and dryland exercise video

Purchase your copy here!



OSB premade training programs are for athletes who would like to follow a well made training plan, but don't require ongoing coaching. These plans can be set so they can end on the day of your A race and include a free TrainingPeaks account.

One Step Beyond currently offers:

Intermediate 16 week Half-Ironman 70.3 Triathlon Training Plan - $79.99

Intermediate 16 week Olympic distance triathlon training plan - $69.95
Intermediate 10 week Olympic distance triathlon training plan - $59.95

Beginner 16 week Olympic distance triathlon training plan - $69.95

Beginner 10 week Olympic distance triathlon training plan - 49.95

Intermediate 10 week sprint triathlon training plan - $59.95
Beginner 16 week sprint triathlon triathlon training plan - $69.95

Beginner 10k run in 10 weeks training program - $44.99


You can review and purchase any of our plans, hosted on the TrainingPeaks platform here.


Swim workout of the monthswimworkouts


This month's swim workout is a mix of muscular endurance and speed.


Warm up (1200): 

600 easy 

3 x 100 pull / 100 kick continuous 


Main set (2400): 

10 x 150 as 100 moderate / 50 fast :20, pull up to half 

rest 1 minute 

6 x 50 kick as 25 easy 25 harder :15 (mix with fly/back etc) 

rest 1 minute 

5-6 x 100 mod-hard to sub-threshold :10 


CD: 100 easy


Advanced swimmers could do an extra round or two of the final 5-6 x 100s with a minute or so break between rounds.


You can check out workouts like these with the Titans-OSB Masters swim team in Cary, NC!


Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge Results TriangleSwim


The first swim of the Triangle Open Water Mile swim series took place on Sunday, May 8. Nearly 400 swimmers competed in the 1.2 or 2.4 mile races. Conditions were as close to perfect as open water gets!


Full results can be found here


1.2 mile overall women

1. Morgan Cotter 27:33

2. Kathleen Pelczynski 29:21

3. Kayla Bridgham 29:24


Top master: Frances McEachran 31:12


1.2 mile overall men

1. Duncan Rougier-Chapman 26:38

2. Dwayne Dixon 26:44

3. Nathaniel Savoy 26:52


Top master: Tom McGowan 27:31


2.4 mile overall women

1. Heidi Williams 58:31

2. Jennifer Kenney 58:34

3. Shannon Scovel 1:00:35


Top master: Lisa Hoff 1:03:09


2.4 mile overall men

1. Jared Carter 50:08

2. Connor Hughes 52:00

3. Samuel Tucker 54:19


Top master: Greg Sanchez 58:36


The next event in the series is on Saturday, July 9: Little Uno and the Big Deuce!  Sign up before June 9 to lock in the early entry price.


The Triangle Open Water swim series is brought to you by One Step Beyond and FS Series.


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