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Subject: One Step Beyond Coaching Newsletter - October 2011
One Step Beyond
The Next Level Newsletter
 from One Step Beyond Coaching 
Volume VIII, Issue IX
October, 2011
This Month
OSB Athlete News
Post Race Fatigue
Upcoming Swim Clinics
OSB Masters Swimming
Old School Aquathon Series
Triangle Open Water Mile Swim Series

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2012 Race schedule:

May 20 - 5280 Swim
June 17 - Jordan Lake
July 21 - Big Deuce / Little Uno
ugust 18 - Nuclear Swim
September 22 - Open Water Fall Finale

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Powerstroke®: Speed through force and form DVD

The DVD includes more than two hours of video of freestyle technique, drills, and common stroke errors & how to improve.  We include underwater, above water, and freeze frame analysis.

Visit the website to read all about the DVD and purchase your copy today.


OSB Prepared Training Plans

We have a number of 12-week triathlon training plans geared for specific races around North Carolina, as well as a number of "any date" training plans.  These are written for different levels of athletes for sprint and international distance events. Each day is detailed with specific intervals, workout duration, and everything else you need to know.   


Visit the Prepared Steps page to


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Dear Marty,

Welcome to the Next Level Newsletter - Volume VIII, Issue IX, October, 2011.    
In OSB Athlete News:  

-Tori Arens wins her AG at Pinehurst International Triathlon
Kory Gray PRs sub-3 hours at the Marine Corps Marathon
-Doug Cowell takes 2nd AG at Sportsplex Super Sprint
-Dave Culbertson PRs at the Marine Corps Marathon
-Mary Robbins takes 1st AG, 7th OA at her first B2B Half
-Tori Arens takes 5th AG at her first half at B2B Half
-Jason Klaitman takes 1st AG at the Washington Half-Iron
-Coach Marty takes 2nd Masters, 13th OA at B2B
-Joanne Piscitelli takes 3rd AG and PRs at B2B

-Erin Cutrell 1st place Aquabike at Beach 2 Battleship half
-Doug Robinson takes 2nd AG at the Washington Half


Post-Race Fatigue

Coach Marty Gaal, CSCS  


A bunch of you are probably experiencing post-long race fatigue at this point in time.  This can last a couple weeks and it is a good time to relax, sleep, and catch up on everything you didn't have time for pre-race.  It is important to take enough rest post-race so that when you get back into a training plan you are fully recovered both mentally and physically. 

Swimming, in general, is fine to keep up with since it is low impact.  Usually at least 4-5 days without running and more if you have been experiencing lingering or new injury issues.  Keep any cycling short and light resistance to avoid stress on your tendons/ligaments.

Keep any strength/resistance training light for a few days.  Easy yoga (not crazy hard Hot Yoga) is fine but watch out for overstretching. 


It is normal to need extra sleep and nutrition at this point in time as your body is going to do a "deep heal" meaning catch up on repairing everything that you managed to ignore in the pre-race training cycle.  Tis OK.  


On the mental side, if you have been going at it hard for the triathlon season, this is the time of year to ease off the gas pedal and allow yourself to 'miss' some sessions.  If you stay on a training program, drop down to 60-70% of your normal in season volume for a few weeks.  That way you will be fired up when it is the right time to get going.

Marty Gaal is a NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist and triathlon coach with One Step Beyond.  

One Step Beyond Swim Clinics

We offer three different types of swim clinics throughout the year:

Beginner Swim Clinics focus on breathing patterns, comfort, and the key freestyle techniques for swim training & improvement.  Beginner to Early Intermediate level.

Powerstroke Freestyle Technique clinics are in-depth classes on swim mechanics and methods for speed and power improvement.  Includes videotaping and feedback.  Early Intermediate to Advanced level.

Open Water Training clinics are conducted at lakes, oceans, and bays and cover all the tools, tips, and tricks you need to improve your ability and confidence in open water.  All levels.

Our 2012 clinic schedule will be released soon!

One Step Beyond
Masters Swimming  

Masters logo11

Looking for a solid season of swim training in the Triangle area?  Join the TAC-OSB Cary Masters swim team at the Triangle Aquatic Center (TAC) in Cary, North Carolina.  All workouts take place at TAC.

This is a year-round program open to all 18+ athletes.

Practice times are:
Monday 545-715AM distance & aerobic endurance
Monday 800-900PM distance & aerobic endurance

Tuesday 545-700AM core strength and swim technique 

Wednesday 545-700AM mixed stroke  
Wednesday 800-900PM mixed stroke 

Thursday 600-700AM distance and mid-distance

Friday 6-7AM speed & anaerobic endurance 

Some Saturdays 7-830AM coaches choice 

View the upcoming schedule on!

The fees:
$52.50 per month for all swim workout times, or $6.50 per session.

Click here for all the details.  

Old School 2

2012 dates:

May 2 (evening race) - 1/2 mile swim - 2.5 mile run
June 13 (evening race) - 3 x 1/4 mile swim - 1 mile run
July 4 (morning race) - 1/4m swim - 2.5m run -1/4m swim

One Step Beyond and FS Series present a mid-week summer swim-run series to the Triangle area. 

Each Aquathon will take place on the first Wednesday of each month in May, June, and July.  May and June race start time is 630PM, July happens to be July 4 and will start in the morning (exact time TBD)! 
These events are low-key and a great way to check your fitness against your local training partners.  Bring some grub and hang out after. 

Entry into all 3 races is $60, or $25 per event.
2-person relays are welcome for $75 for the series or $30 per event.

Read all the details at

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