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Volume VII, Issue VIII August, 2010
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Powerstroke®: Speed through force and form DVD

The DVD includes more than two hours of video of freestyle technique, drills, and common stroke errors & how to improve.  We include underwater, above water, and freeze frame analysis.

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The next swim is this weekend - Nuclear Swim at Harris Lake!

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August 29 - Nuclear Swim presented by The Cabinet Connection of NC

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The Inside-Out Sports North Carolina Triathlon Series
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Trysports Triangle Open Water Mile Swim Series
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Dear Marty,

Welcome to the Next Level Newsletter - Volume VII, Issue VIII.  August, 2010.
In OSB Athlete news:

  • Doug Robinson takes 4th AG at the Rex Wellness Triathlon
  • Catherine Bickley PRs at the Lake Norman Triathlon
  • Tom Crichton takes 3rd overall at the Tri the Quay Triathlon
  • Michael Conlon Jr wins his AG in his 2nd triathlon at Tri The Quay
  • Coach Marty wins the VBLS 5 kilometer Ocean swim!
  • Tim Gensler PRs at Boulder 70.3
  • Coach Bri takes 4th OA at the Lake Logan Triathlon (with an international distance PR of 2:07.03)
  • Coach Marty takes 5th OA at the Lake Logan Triathlon

One Step Beyond
Open Water Swim clinics

We are hosting one more open water clinic this season:

September 19 - 8-11AM at Wrightsville Beach, NC

The open water clinic include discussion and practice of:
  • Site specific challenges and hazards
  • Starts and turns
  • Sighting
  • Drafting
  • Dealing with crowds
  • Lectures on swim training for triathlon & open water
$80 with a copy of the Powerstroke: Speed through force and form DVD
$60 without the DVD

Please visit our website for all the details and to sign up today.
Tips from Tassie
by Coach Bri Gaal

There are so many traits that my dog has that I wish I could instill into my life. For example, she is ALWAYS happy in the morning, no matter what the time. It's as if she's thinking, "A brand new day! Yay!" She gets incredibly excited when we take her for a run, and is very sad when we don't. I don't necessarily want to be spinning in circles (ala Tassie) at the beginning of every run, but I do wish I could be that eager for most of them - I am doing something I love, after all.
Another trait Tassie has is she absolutely won't quit. She has been trying to catch a squirrel ever since we brought her home almost four years ago, and has continually failed, but that doesn't stop her. If she spies one in the backyard she lets you know that she has to get outside RIGHT NOW. Unfortunately, although she is very fast, she makes way too much noise and then doesn't always actually run to the squirrels location.  In other words, her chances of catching a squirrel are about as good as Marty being able to donate his hair to charity.
But she doesn't care; every failure is immediately erased from her mind and the next opportunity is always just around the corner.  This is really a remarkable lesson that we can use in so many different aspects of our life, but since this is a triathlon newletter I figured I'd relate it to the sport. How many times do we dwell on a bad workout or race? You can always learn from everything, but beating yourself up over it is not productive. You had a bad run? Well, guess what - there's another run on your schedule two days from now! Make that one count and forget about this one. Or how about in a race? Perhaps you had a crummy swim - don't think about your crummy swim the entire bike ride - it's over. It's done. Get on the bike and only think about the bike.
Maybe you haven't had the season you've been hoping for? It's not over yet. You still probably have a few races left -these are your opportunities to get after it. Don't give up on the squirrel. You may just catch it someday.

One Step Beyond
Masters Swimming

Looking for a solid season of swim training in the Triangle area?  Join the TAC-OSB Masters swim team at the Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary, North Carolina.

Practice times are:
Monday 545-7AM Swim at TAC
Monday 730-845PM Swim at TAC

Wednesday 545-7AM Swim at TAC
Wednesday 730-845PM Swim at TAC

Friday 6-7AM Swim at TAC

We also have an occasional weekend swim workout - we send this info to current team members.

The fee structure:
$50 per month for all swim workout times, or $6.25 per session.

Click here to sign up and for all details.

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