The Next Level - August 2004

Hello and welcome to a Special Edition of the Next Level Newsletter, brought to you directly from our Storm Center in Orlando, FL. We now take you to our on the scene reporter, Mr. Larry Understatement. How's it going, Larry?

Larry: It's a little rainy.

- Could you elaborate, Larry?

Larry: Well, right now, to be specific, it's just a little rainy. But about 48 hours ago, it was like a Hurricane around here. Ha ha ha! (Vacuous stare into the lens)

Right, thanks Larry. Back to our viewers at home.

..Sure, not the funniest thing you've ever read, but it captures the scene. Orlando, and my neighborhood, were on the direct path of an already subdued Charley, and whoo, it ain't pretty around these parts right now. Lots of downed power lines and trees, and many stoplights are out. Major economic damage. Fortunately our building has sustained only minor cosmetic damage and we are fine. A number of folks to the Southwest of us were not as lucky, and while I like to joke around, this isn't one of them - this is a call for your thoughts and prayers to those who might need them.

Onto happier discussions.

OSB athletes had a busy month! Mike Ferretti and Doug Campbell took on the IMUSA Challenge in Lake Placid. It was Mike's first and Doug's second, and they both had pretty darn good days up there. It's one of the hardest IM courses around, folks. Nice job, gents!

Jill, Thomas, and Casey all PR'd at the Steelhead Half-Ironman in Michigan, while Greg Cardelli showed his solid form at the Spirit of Racine Half. All these athletes are preparing for IM Wisconsin next month. Good signs.

We have a number of folks preparing for IMWisconsin - you've all put in some great training and now it's time to peak, rest, taper, and then you know what. Please reread this article I send to athletes tapering for IMF last year(http://www.martygaal.com/words/imprep2.html) for some discussions on this time of the season. Feel free to email me with any concerns in these last few weeks. You do need to have your nutrition dialed in as well, so you may want to reread this one: http://www.osbmultisport.com/articles/nutrition.html .

It's been an interesting time in my personal athletic life as training is going well for the Great Floridian on October 23rd. Managed to make it to a sprint triathlon on the East coast yesterday despite the weather, and had a good time (in both respects). In a couple weeks, my wife and I will be racing in the Deland Triathlon (http://www.buttar.com/events/2004/K.8.29.04.DelandTriathlon/index.htm ) as a tune-up for the Duke Liver Cancer Center Half in September. The Deland Triathlon is a new one on the Florida calendar and should be fun, with 3 distances to choose from (Sprint, Olympic, and Duathlon). Check it out if you're in the area, or just need an excuse to come to Florida. ;-)

I would write more, but it has been a hectic weekend. An interesting thought I had over the weekend was about power - specifically, how would we all adjust if we ever had to live without it? After 3 hours in the dark down here, we (okay, maybe just me) were ready to pile all our books in the middle of the living room, light a bonfire, and start praying to the rain gods!

Maybe you didn't need to know that last bit. ;-)

Enjoy your sport,
Marty Gaal
One Step Beyond Multisport Coaching
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