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The Next Level Newsletter
Volume VI, Issue VIII   August, 2009
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Prepared Steps
Powerstroke Ezine
Weekend Training Camp
Powerstroke Swim Clinic
Open Water Clinic
Triangle Open Water Mile Series
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OSB Run & Swim Workouts

Our Sponsors

One Step Beyond is a proud coaching sponsor of the 2009 North Carolina Triathlon Series, a highly competitive series throughout North Carolina.

Check out these popular races if you're ever in area - stop by the OSB table to say hi!

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Powerstroke®: Speed through force and form DVD on sale now!

We have made the Powerstroke DVD available for pre-release sales at a significant discount! 

We expect the DVD to be completed by mid to late July, 2009.  You can visit the website at to reserve your copy today.

Prepared Steps

We've finished a number of pre-made training plans and have posted them on our Prepared Steps page.  If there's a particular program you'd like to request, please email Coach Marty.

OSB Powerstroke Ezine

Looking for regular swim workouts and tips?  Sign up for the Powerstroke Ezine, a weekly that includes tips on swim training, gear, and workout ideas.

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Dear Marty,

Welcome to the Next Level Newsletter - Volume VI, Issue VIII.  The sweltering August version.
One Step Beyond Weekend Training Camp
August 28-30, Raleigh Area, NC

Looking for a late season tune up with some fellow die hards?  Coaches Marty and Bri will lead the group through some challenging training.  Our itinerary:

6AM-7AM - OSB Masters swim practice at TAC
730AM - Breakfast (included)
9AM - 56 mile bike course
12pm - Optional transition run
1230PM - lunch (included) and lecture: Long distance racing strategy
5PM - 5 mile trail run in Umstead State Park
6PM - Optional dinner with your coaches

Saturday, August 29:
8AM - 12 or 6 mile hilly run courses
10AM - 1.5 hour easy spin
1230PM - Lunch (included)
3PM - Optional pool swim
4PM - Lecture: Long distance nutrition
5PM - Optional dinner with your coaches

Sunday, August 30
8AM - The One mile Nuclear Swim at Harris Lake (included)
9AM - 3-4 mile easy run
930-11AM - Awards
12PM - Lunch (included)
1ish - Camp ends

You can see all the details and sign up online here.

Powerstroke Triathlon Swim Clinic
August 15 - Cary, NC

Is swimming the weak link in your triathlon racing?  Join us for a well regarded half-day swim training clinic. 
Powerstroke® is Coach Marty's method for teaching effective competitive swimming.

Each clinic includes:
  • A Powerstroke swim practice and drills session
  • Individual swimmer filming and in-class review
  • Three lectures on swim and triathlon training
Our itinerary:
11-12: Meet and greet, Lecture: What is Powerstroke®
12-130: Powerstroke® Swim Practice, drills, and demonstrations
130-230: Individual swimmer filming
230-430: Lectures: Effective Swimming Strategies, and Periodization of Triathlon Training
and Lunch (included)
430-500: Running drills and brief individual form analysis
515: clinic ends

The fee is $99 and includes a swim cap, lunch, and a DVD of your swim mailed to you post clinic.

You can sign up online here.

A couple recent reviews:
"Your clinic was just what I needed. I felt myself swimming better in just the short time we spent in the pool on Saturday. Thanks for all the great insight..." - DM.

"You did a GREAT job with the clinic! I'm looking forward to taking the feedback you gave me with my stroke to improve my swimming. I also liked the group setting as many people asked questions that it was quite helpful to hear the answers as they are questions that I have had, but didn't think to ask...The other nice part is all of the information you've given us on a CD. It's nice to be able to refer back and review." - CV

One Step Beyond
Open Water Swim Clinic
September 20 - Wrightsville Beach, NC

Swimming photo

Open Water Swim Clinic
On Sunday, September 20, we will host an open water swim training clinic at the Wrightsville Beach Pier on Wrightsville Beach, NC.  This clinic will run from 8AM to 11AM and the cost is $50. 

Our itinerary:
815-830 - Meet and greet
830-900 - Open Water starts, turns, finishes
900-930 - Open Water sighting, drafting, and dealing with crowds or anxiety
930-1015 - Swimming - under supervision
1015-1100 - Lectures: Open Water racing and training for triathlon
1100 - Clinic ends

All the details can be found here.

Open Water logo
Triangle Open Water Mile Swim Series
August 30 - The Nuclear Swim

Congratulations and thanks to the over 100 athletes that joined us for the first annual Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge, the second swim in the Triangle Open Water Mile Series, on June 7, 2009!  The winners:

Male: Patrick Woodruff - 20:59
Female: Kim Rice - 23:32

Our next event - The Nuclear Swim, will be held on August 30 at Harris Lake County Park.

Each event will include a twenty minute open water clinic prior to the one mile race.  Fees are $25.

Please visit to learn more about each event.

Tell your friends!
Training Tip of the Month -
Planning a Season

by Marty Gaal, CSCS

Around this time of year, you are targeting a final race or two, and then looking forward to next season, wondering which ones you should target, what you want to accomplish, and how high you want to fly.  It's never a bad time to take a few minutes to script out a seasonal plan.  Here's how you do it:

Step 1) Clearly define your goal.

Pick your key race(s).  This is paramount if you are a competitive athlete. 

A generalized goal like "I want to lose ten pounds and improve my run times," is a healthy athletic goal if you are active but not competitive. 

Step 2) Develop an overview of how to get there.

Coaches call this the annual training plan.  It is a framework of weeks and months (cycles) that target specific adaptive responses from the body. 

You can call this your monthly goal chart.  Each month or every few weeks you should have some sort of marker that shows your improvement (weight loss, dropped 10 seconds in a mile, etcetera).

Step 3) Develop specific milestones.

Examples: 5k in XX:XX time at the end of February.  10k in XX:XX time at the end of March. 

Step 4) Develop backup milestones.

If you are knocked off track by time constraints, illness, or other personal issues, have some realistic back up milestones you can target that will help keep you motivated and on track.

Step 5) Develop your general weekly training plan.

It is best to figure out a weekly regimen you can stick to over time rather than shuffle things around every week.  We are all creatures of routine and habit.

Step 6) Develop your specific weekly training plans for each cycle.

It's best to do this as you approach each month, based upon what you were able to achieve in the months prior and what you hope to accomplish in the coming month or training cycle.

Step 7) Do it.

Nothing happens without you taking action.  All the steps prior to this are talk.  Talk is cheap.  Back it up with action.

Marty Gaal is a NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and USA Triathlon coach.
One Step Beyond Running
Coached Workouts

Coaches Bri and Marty are bringing coached RUNNING workouts to the neighborhood (Raleigh-Cary).  You can now SWIM and RUN with your coaches.  

Is it difficult for you to find a regular group to run with?  Have trouble staying motivated on your own?  Our new coach-led run workouts are for YOU.

Either Marty or Bri will be on hand to help you stay motivated, count laps, give intervals, shout, cheer, and in general be your on-site coach.  They also will instruct you on proper form and post-session stretching.  If you are training for a specific race or distance, they will tailor the day's workout to your goal.

Practice times are:
Monday 545-7AM Swim at TAC
Monday 6PM-645PM NEW Tempo run at Bond Park (Cary)
Monday 730-845PM Swim at TAC

Tuesday 615-645AM Run, drills & plyometrics at Bond Park
Tuesday 730-845PM Swim at TAC

Wednesday 545-7AM Swim at TAC

Thursday 6-7AM Interval/tempo Run at various trails

Friday 6-7AM Swim at TAC

The fee structure:
$75 per month for ALL coached workouts
$30 per month for running only workouts
$50 per month for swimming only workouts

Click here to sign up and for all details - and for the upcoming week's locations.

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