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The Next Level Newsletter
Volume VI, Issue II   February, 2009
TAC-OSB Masters Swimming

Live in the Triangle area and looking for a great U.S. Masters swimming program?

Triangle Aquatics (TAC) and One Step Beyond (OSB) have teamed up to provide more practice times! 

Practice times are:
Monday 545-7AM, 730-845PM
Tuesday 730-845PM
Wednesday 545-7AM
Thursday 730-845PM
Friday 6-7AM

Fees are $50 per month or $6.25 per drop-in.

Read all the details here!

One Step Beyond is a proud coaching sponsor of the 2009 North Carolina Triathlon Series, a highly competitive series throughout North Carolina.

Check out these well-run races if you're ever in area and stop by the OSB table to say hi!

Our Sponsors

Prepared Steps

We've finished a number of pre-made training plans and have posted them on our Prepared Steps page.  If there's a particular program you'd like to request, please email Coach Marty.


Looking for weekly swim workouts, a database of technique videos, and regular swim training tips? 

Sign up for our Powerstroke Ezine here!

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Dear Marty,
Welcome to the Next Level Newsletter, Volume VI, Issue II.  It's almost springtime!
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Triangle Open Water Mile Swim Series

One Step Beyond and FS Series are pleased to bring three 1-mile open water races to the Triangle area of North Carolina!

April 18 - 5280 Swim at Beaverdam Lake
June 7 - Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge
August 30 - The Nuclear Swim at Harris Lake

Each event will include a twenty minute open water clinic prior to the one mile race.  Fees are $25.

Please visit to learn more about each event.

Tell your friends!

OSB Cary Masters
OSB St Pete Beach Training Camp
February 24 - March 1, 2009

Need a last minute training vacation?  Join coaches Marty and Bri for several days of fun group training in beautiful St. Pete Beach, Florida! 

This will be OSB's fifth annual winter triathlon training camp in Florida.  We'll be swimming in the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, running on flat sand beaches, and riding the quiet roads of Fort Desoto Park.

We still have one bedroom available!

What is included:
2 meals per day, entry into all training venues, a Powerstrok
e DVD, individual swim and run video analysis, and various other OSB goodies

The prices:
$900 for Tuesday-Sunday camp, lodging included
$500 for Tuesday-Sunday camp, without lodging
$400 for Thursday-Sunday camp, without lodging

Click here for additional information and to reserve your spot today!
Powerstroke® Triathlon Swim Clinics
 next dates - March 7 - Fort Myers, FL
March 28 - Cary, NC

Swimming photo

Join us on March 7th at 8AM in Fort Myers, or March 28th, 2009 at 11 AM in Cary for a six hour swim and triathlon clinic.  Each clinic includes:
  • Three lectures on swim/triathlon training
  • An hour long Powerstroke® swim skills practice session
  • An individual swim analysis
  • Lunch
  • A DVD of each swimmer's technique analysis
  • A CD of all camp materials presented
Read what a couple of our previous athletes had to say:

"Your clinic was just what I needed.  I felt myself swimming better in just the short time we spent in the pool on Saturday.  Thanks for all the great insight..." - Doug M.

"You did a GREAT job with the clinic!  I'm looking forward to taking the feedback you gave me with my stroke to improve my swimming.  I also liked the group setting as many people asked questions that it was quite helpful to hear the answers as they are questions that I have had, but didn't think to ask...The other nice part is all of the information you've given us on a CD.  It's nice to be able to refer back and review." - Carolyn V.

The clinic fee is $99 and is limited to twenty athletes. Sign up here for the Cary Clinic and here for the Fort Myers clinic.

Workouts of the Month
by Marty Gaal, CSCS

It's that time of year when many of us are transitioning from long easy miles into some harder efforts, as the first races of the season are just around the corner.  Below are a few key late base - early build period workouts I like to prescribe for my athletes.

Swim - a main set with 12 to 20 x 100 yards at threshold pace with 5-10 seconds rest.  You should be swimming these at or just a bit faster than your goal one mile race pace.  The rest allows you to maintain your form but keep the intensity high.

Bike - a nice warm up and then 2 x 20 minute tempo to sub-threshold effort (Z3-4) with 5 minutes easy in-between.  The effort is hard but not terribly so - a few weeks of this type of training sets you up to tackle the harder 'over-threshold' (shorter) intervals you'll want to include in a handful of weeks.

Run - Warm up 15-20 minutes, and then run 2 x 15 minutes at tempo / mod-hard (Z3-4) effort with a 5 minute jog between.  This effort should be somewhere in between your half-marathon and 10k race pace. 

Each of the workouts above are muscular endurance workouts, the focus of which is holding a moderately hard effort for a sustained period of time.  You should be tired but not completely wiped out after each session.  That means you can come back the next day and get another good workout in (in a different discipline).

Younger athletes should be including higher amounts of over-threshold / hard interval training in the late base and early build periods.  Older athletes need to be a bit more careful with these sorts of workouts.  A few examples:

Swim - warm up and then a main set of 16 x 50 almost all out (Z5b) on 1:00 rest.

Bike - warm up and then 10 x 2 minutes hard to very hard (Z5a-b) with 2-3 minutes rest.

Run - warm up and then 12 x 400 at 3k pace (Z5a-b) with a 200 to 400 recovery jog.

Remember, for higher intensity workouts, you'll require a longer rest interval during the workout and more recovery time afterwards.

Don't forget the little things!
by Bri Gaal

By now you are probably deep into your base for the upcoming season. Your hours might be high, and although you might not have too much intensity in them right now, you could still be feeling fatigued and rundown. It's times like these when you need to remember to keep doing those little things that help you stay injury free for the season. They will add up!

  • Don't skimp on your sleep. This is the time where you body produces the most HGH naturally.
  • Stretch - particularly after your workout. If you find you don't have time immediately after your workout, try and make some time for it later on at home. Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV, stretch in front of it.
  • Get a foam roller and use it. It may double as a torture devise, but a foam roller is the best substitute in between a massage. Of course, if you don't get regular massages, this is the next best thing!
  • Refuel properly after your workouts. You just did a 3 hour bike ride, and although the weather may be cool now (keeping you from realizing how much you have lost) you still need to get in protein and carbohydrates immediately. You will thank yourself when your next workout comes around.
  • Strength and core work. As triathletes, we are constantly doing the same type of motion and neglect our stabilizing muscles. Even doing a short strength routine a couple of times a week will pay dividends later on in the season.
  • Eat those fruits and veggies!
  • But eat some sweets, too. :)

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