The Next Level - January 2004

Howdy all,

Greetings and welcome to this first official edition of my monthly newsletter/distribution list. For now I'm calling it The Next Level, but all name submissions will be accepted. In fact, I might just change the name every month for the heck of it. Your input is appreciated.

If you'd like to be removed or would prefer this be sent to a different address, click reply and write "remove me from list" in the subject line. I plan to automate this list and these functions one day, but just getting this list put together was like jumping over the grand canyon on a BMX bike - without clipless pedals!

I'll send this newsletter around the middle of the month with news, tidbits, tips, and other information that may assist you in some fashion or another. I may also use it for special announcements like "It's raining in Florida today." You know, really important stuff!

So, onto the news. First off, thank you to those who've decided to use my coaching services this year. I appreciate your patronage and will work to deliver the quality service you're seeking.

We have a diverse group of athletes from virtually all corners of the country. From veterans to first or second year triathletes, sprinters to IMers, I plan to help you move to the next level in your chosen sport.

My first order of business is to inform you that we have a number of athletes doing the same big races. If you'd like me to put you in touch with the folks doing the same races, or would not mind if I put your contact information and race schedule in the body of a newsletter, please email me and let me know. I respect your privacy and will not include your personal information in a public email like this unless you specifically grant that permission. There are about 20 people on this list, FYI.

Second, I put up a new article with a better description of running drills, which I've scheduled for virtually all of you. Check www.martygaal.com/words/drills.html to read it. I am working on a strength training article and hope to have that up sometime in the near future. Suffice it to say: I think strength training helps, and I include it for most of you.

Third, it's the new year! Now's the time to buckle down a bit and start logging some base miles. I have intentionally made January an easier month for many of you with long seasons. I don't mind if you add a bit if you're feeling antsy, but please note that now is the time to keep your effort levels low, build some strength, and adapt or re-adapt your body to training stresses. The fast work, the long runs and rides, and the long broken bricks will all come around when they need to be there. Enjoy yourself!

A bit about diet. The diet crazes that continue to sweep our nation amaze me. It's a pretty simple bit of physiology that the best way to lose weight or maintain ideal weight is to eat in moderation and get regular exercise. You're paying me to help you with exercise part, but the former is all on you. Here are some tips on diet:

Finally, if you know anyone who you think would like to be on this list, just send me their email info or have them do it and put "add me to list" in the subject or body. I feel that better information throughout the sporting body will simply help everyone to have more fun, and if a simple list message like this can help, great!

That's all I can think of for now. Monthly topic suggestions and feedback on this are appreciated. Seeya next month!

Enjoy your sport,
Marty Gaal