The Next Level Newsletter - January 2005

Greetings and welcome to the Next Level Newsletter, Volume II, Issue I. The longest running triathlon newsletter in my zip code.

Let’s go right into athlete news - we’ve had some great performances already, and the year has only just begun.

To bring us into 2005, Jill and Todd Meredith ran the Sweetheart 6 Miler on New Years Day, and they both came home with 2nd place age group awards. Not bad at all, considering most of North America was sleeping off the revelries!

A few days later, Matt Thibodeau headed down to Arizona to run in the Rock-n-Roll Half-Marathon, his first attempt to really race the distance outside of triathlons. Matt turned in a 1:22 and change, taking 40th overall out of 18 million runners. Nice! (It was really only 18,000 runners – I exaggerated.)

On January 15, longtime OSB client Doug Campbell achieved a major milestone when he ran a 3:11.14 at the Aviation Marathon, busting a huge hole in his previous PR, and qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Great job, Dougie! This performance comes after a disappointing Chicago Marathon, where a last second injury shut Doug down at mile 20. Some of us know what that pain feels like.

Doug is a great example of what persistence and determination can accomplish. Very proud of you.

Your friendly neighborhood Coach also took part in some of the festivities, getting his hiney kicked by a bunch of college swimmers at the 33rd annual International Swimming Hall of Fame 1 Mile Ocean Swim on New Years Day. But Coach gets extra bonus points for actually waking up. J

As always, the beginning of a new year is a good time to assess what you’ve done with your past year, and where you want to go with the next. Most of you have athletic aspirations high on that to do list, and I say good for you. I’m working with some of you to help shape those athletic goals, and here’s the general framework we use:

By making your long-term goals concrete, you can devise a plan that will get you there. Your long-term plan may need to cover a few years depending on how high you aim! Along the way, we should always work to achieve realistic short-term goals, and we will slowly but surely realize the vision in action.

Does this sound like a bunch of hooah? Well, it ain’t! Ask any successful athlete or business-person how they got to where they’re at, and chances are they will tell you: I had a plan.

So everyone, do you have a plan?

Another important subject concerns stretching and massage. I’ve suggested both to OSB clients in private correspondence, but here’s a chance to tell y’all: Stretch regularly! 10-15 minutes of stretching after your main workout each day is a great way to help prevent injury. I am a fan of stretching after a warm up and/or at the end of the workout. This may not work for you due to time constraints, so my next suggestion would be to stretch at the end of the day for a few minutes. 2 minutes for each muscle group is your target, either as 2 x 1minute or 1x2minutes. No bouncing, just stretch and hold.

Regarding massage: Athletic sports massage has helped me from falling apart the past few months. Massage can help remove bio-waste products (uria), loosen sticky fascia (the tissue that keeps your muscles grouped together can stick to the muscle, reducing performance), and work out knots (muscle stuck to itself). You really need to check into a sports-oriented massage therapist in your area. In the Central Florida area, I recommend Allied Therapeutic Protocols in Winter Park. Tell ‘em Coach Marty sent ya.

YMCA Swimming:
Is going great. We have ten folks taking part right now. This class is $45/month for 2 sessions per week, and is a continuous and progressive class for those who stay in. Tell your friends if they have always been looking for some stroke technique work, this is the place to be. Those of you currently taking the class, I will continue to advance the drills and workouts as you progress in future months. Click here for more info.

OSB – BodyZen MultiSport Winter Training Camp:
We have a few spots left for what is sure to be a fun time, some great training, and a few excellent triathlon related discussions led by Coaches Erinne & Lee Zohlman and I. Click here for all the info on this weekend camp, February 25-27, in Clermont, FL.

Remember, entry into Florida’s Great Escape Triathlon is included with the camp entry fee!

I’m sure I had more to talk about, but I ran the St Pete Classic 10k this morning and am pretty beat. Be sure to check this race out next year, it is truly a classic event!

As always,

Enjoy your sport,
Marty Gaal
One Step Beyond Multisport Coaching

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