The Next Level - July 2004

Howdy and welcome once again to the Next Level Newsletter. It's mid-July, the tour is on, so this one's gonna be short!

One of the major challenges associated with long-distance racing is making race day nutrition decisions. There is a lot of information out there, along with a lot of product marketing hype, so I wrote up an article that I hope will help you make some firm decisions when it comes to this arena. Click here to read it.

Ken M took on a half-IM at a moment's notice a couple weeks ago, and proved that he is in very good shape despite not specifically training for the event. Ken will be competing with me at the Great Floridian later on this year. I've doubled my training hours in preparation for this showdown!

Good luck to Jill M who's tackling the Muncie Endurathon (http://www.muncieendurathon.com/) next weekend, and to Doug C and Mike F who are taking on IMUSA (http://www.ironmanusa.com/) in two weeks. Remember, when the going get tough .... long pause (think John Belushi, Animal House) ... the tough get going!

I went out and handed out water to athletes at our local sprint series (www.triflorida.com) in Clermont today. I've discovered that's as much fun as racing. You should try it sometime - head to your local series and give them a hand, they usually can use the extra help.

At the race, Mark S dropped a couple more minutes off his time and won the clydesdale division. Very nicely done!! And my wife won her age group. I didn't ride next to her screaming to go faster either, so it was a big step for both of us ;-).

That's all this time around. Remember to be safe in your training, get your sleep, eat well, and most of all, have fun.

Go Lance!

Enjoy your sport,
Marty Gaal
One Step Beyond Multisport Coaching
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