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The Next Level Newsletter
Volume VI, Issue VII   July, 2009
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Powerstroke Ezine
Powerstroke Clinic
OSB Athlete News
How to become a faster swimmer
Triangle Open Water Mile Series
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One Step Beyond is a proud coaching sponsor of the 2009 North Carolina Triathlon Series, a highly competitive series throughout North Carolina.

Check out these popular races if you're ever in area - stop by the OSB table to say hi!

More Upcoming Events in Cary
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Powerstroke®: Speed through force and form DVD on sale now!

We have made the Powerstroke DVD available for pre-release sales at a significant discount! 

We expect the DVD to be completed by mid to late July, 2009.  You can visit the website at to reserve your copy today.

Prepared Steps

We've finished a number of pre-made training plans and have posted them on our Prepared Steps page.  If there's a particular program you'd like to request, please email Coach Marty.

OSB Powerstroke Ezine

Looking for regular swim workouts and tips?  Sign up for the Powerstroke Ezine, a weekly that includes tips on swim training, gear, and workout ideas.

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Dear Marty,

Welcome to the Next Level Newsletter - Volume VI, Issue VII.  Too many Roman Numerals to count.
One Step Beyond
Running and Open Water Swim Clinics
July 18 and 19, Cary area, NC

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Running Clinic with Without Limits Running
Join us for a special running clinic on Saturday, July 18 with Tom Clifford of Without Limits Running.  We will host this in the Cary area of North Carolina, from 7AM to 11AM and lunch will be provided.  Cost is $55 and the details can be found here.

Open Water Swim Clinic
On Sunday, July 19, we will host an open water swim training clinic at Jordan Lake, outside Apex, North Carolina.  This clinic will run from 8AM to 11AM and the cost is $50.  All the details can be found here.

OSB Athlete News

  • Coach Bri takes 3rd amateur overall at the Philadelphia Triathlon
  • Coach Marty takes 4th AG at the Philadelphia Triathlon
  • Cindy Marks takes 1st AG at the Kure Beach Triathlon
  • Rudy Kahsar wins the I Love the Tavern Triathlon
  • Dennis Respecki finishes Ironman Idaho under goal time - his first
How to become a faster swimmer (from a runner)
by Coach Bri Gaal

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I did a few summers of swim league at the neighborhood pool growing up, and did a half-hearted year round program for a couple of years (year round meaning it went year round but I only went 2 days a week because I always tried to get out of practice. I hated swimming; I wanted to run!). I stopped swimming pretty early on but I was lucky enough to learn the strokes which I know has helped me as an adult.

However, when I got back into triathlons in my early 20's, I was not what you would call fast.  Or even medium.  I've worked pretty hard at it and now can hold my own with most other triathletes (sans the ex-collegiate swimmers).
So you want to become a faster swimmer? Here are five helpful tips:
Swim. Ground breaking I know, but there are too many people out there that want to swim faster but don't want to actually have to swim. Here's the big secret: If you want to swim faster, SWIM!

Pull hard.  Harder than you are now. No spaghetti arms through the water - PULL.  Marty calls this Powerstroke.

Go to master's practice. This will make you faster, no question. You will swim faster and longer if you are with a good group. Of course there are days where you don't want to swim; show up at master's and you don't even have to think about it. You just get in the lane and go. Before you know it, you have done a great workout (and faster than you would've by yourself).

Find someone who can help you with your stroke. This is actually a biggie - if you don't have a good form but swim a lot, you are not going to get much faster.  Get with someone who can help you become more efficient in the water. It can take thousands upon thousands of yards to actually change your stroke and stop bad habits, so don't give up.

Do drills. Drills will help reinforce good form and allow you to focus on the little things about your stroke that can make a big difference.
Do those 5 things and you can become a swimmer, too!

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Triangle Open Water Mile Swim Series

Congratulations and thanks to the over 100 athletes that joined us for the first annual Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge, the second swim in the Triangle Open Water Mile Series, on June 7, 2009!  The winners:

Male: Patrick Woodruff - 20:59
Female: Kim Rice - 23:32

Our next event - The Nuclear Swim, will be held on August 30 at Harris Lake County Park.

Each event will include a twenty minute open water clinic prior to the one mile race.  Fees are $25.

Please visit to learn more about each event.

Tell your friends!
Training Tip of the Month -
Muscle Glycogen Replacement Window

by Marty Gaal, CSCS

Good nutrition is a big part of maximizing your potential in athletic endeavors.  One of the easiest mistakes to make, and thus correct, is not eating enough after a hard workout. 

After every workout lasting more than an hour, you should have a snack within 30 minutes of completing the workout.  This is known as the muscle glycogen replenishment window.   Basically, the hour after a hard workout is the prime time for the body to replace the energy (muscle glycogen = stored carbohydrate) that has been burned during the workout. 

This is even more important for hard, fast, anaerobic based workouts like sprint swim sets. Sprint workouts use much more glycogen than distance or aerobic based workouts, which use oxygen and body fat as the primary energy source.

Distance workouts do use muscle glycogen as well, but more sparingly. 

The issue with muscle replenishment is that if you don't fully recharge the muscles after every workout, they will gradually have less energy available, eventually resulting in poor performance and possibly injury.

So, don't forget to have a snack bar, a smoothie, or at the very least, a glass of Gatorade or other sports drink very soon after your hard workouts.

NEW: One Step Beyond Running
Coached Workouts

Coaches Bri and Marty are bringing coached RUNNING workouts to the neighborhood (Raleigh-Cary).  You can now SWIM and RUN with your coaches.  

Is it difficult for you to find a regular group to run with?  Have trouble staying motivated on your own?  Our new coach-led run workouts are for YOU.

Either Marty or Bri will be on hand to help you stay motivated, count laps, give intervals, shout, cheer, and in general be your on-site coach.  They also will instruct you on proper form and post-session stretching.  If you are training for a specific race or distance, they will tailor the day's workout to your goal.

Practice times are:
Monday 545-7AM Swim at TAC
Monday 6PM-645PM NEW Tempo run at Bond Park (Cary)
Monday 730-845PM Swim at TAC

Tuesday 6-645AM Run, drills & plyometrics at Bond Park
Tuesday 730-845PM Swim at TAC

Wednesday 545-7AM Swim at TAC

Thursday 6-7AM Interval/tempo Run at various trails

Friday 6-7AM Swim at TAC

The fee structure:
$75 per month for ALL coached workouts
$30 per month for running only workouts
$50 per month for swimming only workouts

Click here to sign up and for all details - and for the upcoming week's locations.

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