The Next Level Newsletter - June 2005

Greetings and welcome once again to the Next Level Newsletter, the most fantabulous free service ever invented.  This issue is specially designed to raise your IQ 25 basis points.


Straight to OSB athlete news:


Geez.  You guys and gals are getting fast!


OSB Ironmen

We’ve got a couple OSB athletes racing at IMCdA this weekend, send them some positive vibes on Sunday the 26th!  Go get ‘em!


Race day nutrition:

Always a hot subject.  Everyone has their own strategy and some are tastier than others.  Let’s summarize:


Long-distance racing: In half-IM and above you will want to get up early and take in some substantial calories.  Depending on your size and experience this could be anywhere from 400 to 800 calories about 3-4 hours before your event.  Another 100-300 calories in the time leading up to the event in the form of gels and sports drink.  Be sure to take in a little extra sodium as well.   Use mildly complex carbohydrates like wheat bread, bagels, or pancakes.  I also include some potatoes/hash browns if they’re available.  Carboloading in the days prior goes without saying.  Protein is up to you, I do like a little bit to keep my hunger satiated.


Mid-distance racing: For Olympic races and thereabouts, a smaller breakfast of between 300-600 calories about 2-3 hours before the start should do the trick.   Your food choices should be easy to digest (high glycemic).  Be sure to have loaded up in the two days prior to make sure your glycogen levels are topped off.  A race of between 2-3 hours will burn mostly muscle glycogen, stored fat, and a small amount of whatever you take in during the race.  The breakfast is to ensure you don’t start using the glycogen before you hit the race course.


Short course racing:  You can get away with getting up 30 minutes before the race and having a sip of Gatorade, but I wouldn’t advise it!  A couple hours before take in 2-300 calories in the form of bars, a bagel, bananas, oatmeal, or whatever gets your engine revving.  These should generally be foods that are easily digestible. Take in water and sports drink in the time leading up to the event.  I usually eat a gel about a half-hour before the race start.


Please be sure to always take in some calories within one to two hours after any intense workout.  You need to reload your glycogen stores and bring in some protein to start rebuilding broken down muscle tissue.


You can read some more thoughts on this subject here.  This brief overview is not meant to be comprehensive, I would suggest investing some time in learning about how much your nutrition choices can affect your performance and overall athletic ability.  If I’d only known in college that beer really wasn’t food…but I digress.


OSB-BodyZen Summersplash Training Camp:

Is still on.  You have a couple weeks left to sign up for this swim focused triathlon camp on July 8-10 in Clermont.  Everyone will receive a swim video analysis and a nice booklet of excellent information. We’ll conclude with CFT Sprint #2.  Click here for all the details.


One Step Beyond Triathlon clinic:

I’ll be hosting a 4 hour triathlon clinic on July 23 at the National Training Center in Clermont.  We will start at 8 AM and be done by 12 PM.  The cost for this is 60 dollars and is limited to 15 athletes.  This is designed for beginner to intermediate athletes.  Advanced athletes may learn something that they didn’t know they didn’t know.  J  I’ll make it worth your while.  Please reply directly to this email if you’re interested.


The agenda is:


YMCA swimming:

Continues to go strong.  Need to improve your technique?  Want to meet some other area triathletes?  Have trouble getting up in the morning?  Click here for all the details.


I’m sure there’s more, but it’ll have to wait until next issue.  As always, have fun out there and be sure to buckle your helmet.


And now, I give you pictures which need no words.  OSB Athlete Stephen Medeiros at the Pineapple Man Triathlon (on the right).

Enjoy your sport,
Marty Gaal
One Step Beyond Multisport Coaching