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Volume V, Issue VI   June 2008
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Powerstroke Clinic
Cary Masters
Open Water Ocean Tips
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Appreciating What You Have
Powerstroke Triathlon Clinic
June 28

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Join us on June 28 at the Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary, North Carolina.  This six hour clinic will include two hours of swim instruction, triathlon training lectures, and lunch! Click here for all the details.

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Cary Masters

Live in the Triangle area and looking for a great master's swim program?  Join us at the Triangle Aquatic Center at 275 Convention Drive in Cary.  Practices are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 6-7 AM.  Read all the details here!
Open Water Tips

Many triathlons include an open water swim in the ocean.  This presents a number of different conditions than a lake or pool.  Here are a few tips and hints on how to achieve your best swim in the ocean.

Practice body surfing and swimming in and out through the breakers.  'Duck' under the waves, not over them.

Look for a 'rip' at the start of the swim.  A rip current is where the waves flow back out, creating a strong current effect outwards.

Site for the buoy markers every few strokes.

Learn to bodysurf a wave in.  During a race, check over your shoulder on the way in and watch for a breaking wave you can catch.

Shorten your stroke in choppy conditions and lengthen it in calm conditions.  Salt water is more bouyant than fresh water, allowing for more of a glide.

Work with the ocean - don't fear it.  Just respect it. :)
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Prepared Steps

We've finished a few pre-made training plans and have posted them on our Prepared Steps page.  If there's a particular program you'd like to request, please email Coach Marty. 
Dear Marty,
Welcome to the Next Level Newsletter, Volume V, Issue VI!  Summer is here!

In Athlete News:
  • Justus Koester takes 2nd AG at the Maverick Triathlon
  • Mike Lotterhos PRs at the Komen Race for the Cure 5k
  • Kathy Larkin, Justus Koester, and Cam Cole Escape from Alcatraz
  • Rudy Kahsar takes 5th Amateur, 1st AG at the Eagleman 70.3
  • Alysia Kern-Lovgren takes 29th AG at the Vancouver World Championships
  • Karen Crews PRs at the Kerr Lake Triathlon
  • Heather Honnold takes 3rd overall at the Kerr Lake Triathlon
  • Kerry Troester takes 2nd overall at the Kerr Lake Triathlon
  • Mary Lynne McElhaney goes top ten (2nd Master) at the Over the Mountain Triathlon
  • Greg Capps drops 8 minutes at the Woodlake Sprint Triathlon
  • Coach Marty takes 3rd overall a the Woodlake Sprint Triathlon

Appreciating what you have
by Coach Bri Gaal
I've been thinking lately about being thankful - for health, friends, the ability to compete, to train - there are a lot of things we take for granted. This perspective is often realized when you are injured, which I have been, and now that I'm able to run (or more accurately, jog) I am beyond grateful. Even though I can't go very far and I'm not going very fast, running pain free is what I'm most happy about.

We recently took a vacation to Costa Rica, where the locals way of life is much different than ours. Forget training, just living is much different - no AC, lots of bugs, clean water issues, etc. We decided to do a canopy tour in a nearby town - this is basically several cables that run above the jungle canopy that you attach to and zipline across. It was a lot of fun!

One of the guides looked to be in his mid-forties and in pretty decent shape. I admit, I noticed his shaved legs and briefly wondered why, but forgot about it soon after. I was wearing a Livestrong tank top and I found out later, through is broken English, that he was also a cyclist and was the current master's national champion! He said some more things but I couldn't really understand - I'm pretty sure the gist of it was he was a pro in his younger years. This really was a mind trip because most of the roads, and certainly the ones anywhere near where we were, were all unpaved with major potholes. I have no idea how he trained, other than on a mountain bike, and then wondered how well this translated onto the road since he was obviously very good. One thing I did see as we were getting suited up to start our tour, was a lone bike trainer in the corner of the patio area.

OSB Cary Masters

That is a rather old Mongoose mountain bike sitting a top of a rather old trainer. And this dude is winning national championships while training on it! Do I have room for complaints? I don't think so. Let's appreciate what we have!

Blue Ridge Mountain Training Camp, August 18-24

Join us for a scenic triathlon training camp in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina! One Step Beyond campers will stay at the Lake Logan Episcopal Center in Canton, NC. The Episcopal Center is located on pristine Lake Logan and offers 300 acres of privacy and mountain solitude, with summer temperatures in the low 80s.

Cycling access to the Blue Ridge Parkway is just a couple miles away, and the surrounding state and national parks offer extensive hiking/running trails.  Historic Asheville and Waynesville are both just twenty minutes away.  This is going to be a great summer getaway for outdoorsy types.  Read all the details here.

Six day Price: $900 for six nights, meals and lodging included
Four day Price: $600 for four nights, meals and lodging included
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