The Next Level Newsletter - March 2005


Greetings and welcome once again to The Next Level Newsletter, Volume II Issue III, brought to you in 3-D and surround sound.  Yeah.


It’s been a busy few weeks here at One Step Beyond World Headquarters, also sometimes called our living room.  OSB’s first annual Winter Break Training Camp, held over the weekend of February 25 to 27th and co-hosted with BodyZen Multi Sport Coaching, was a great success.  Eighteen athletes from around the country came together at the National Training Center in Clermont to train, learn, share knowledge, and just have a good time in general.  Several campers finished off the weekend with Florida’s Great Escape Triathlon after a tough weekend of training.  We will be co-hosting another camp with BodyZen over the summer, so stay tuned to our website for details.


In athlete news:


Everyone’s training.  The racing season is here for some of us and just around the corner for others.  Some highlights:


Robert Alfert drops the roadies and takes fourth place in a bike criterium.  What’s the world coming to?  Next thing you know I’ll be writing articles about accelerating out of the corner, breakaways, counter-attacks, flying elbows, and adrenaline-pumping sprint finishes.  Yeesh. J


Brianne Gaal takes fifth overall female at the Run around the Pines 5k!


Amy Bonnet-Eymard runs a PR at the Outback 12k, while Paul Duckett takes 2nd AG!


Ken Mantei, Doug Campbell, Todd Meredith, and Coach Marty show their early season form at Florida’s Great Escape Triathlon!


Paul Menegazzi dials in his paces in preparation for St. Anthony’s with back to back weekend racing at the Suncoast 10k and Bay to Bay 12k!


OSB Athlete Profiles:


For all you current OSB athletes: I’ve had a couple good suggestions that I haven’t been able to get to until now.  One of them is to add athlete profiles to the OSB website.  This will accomplish a couple things – you get to have your name up in lights and I get proof that OSB athletes aren’t figments of my imagination. J


If you would like your profile to be added, please send me the following:


A small picture – athletic or otherwise (jpeg or gif)

Brief biography, where you’re from

Goals – short term and long term

A favorite quote, favorite song, favorite event, or favorite alcoholic beverage, or all three

A PR or two – any event


Training Talk – The Importance of Rest


Here’s a short article I wrote for a local running website. The audience is beginner runners but y’all might need a reminder as well!


In hand with all the miles we’ve been logging on the roads in preparation for our races, we also need to get our rest.  The training process may involve long runs, intervals, and cross-training.  But it also needs to include proper rest for the training to work most effectively. 


Rest includes time-off from training as well as sleep.  It’s a good idea to take one day per week entirely off from exercise.  We call this a recovery day.  Consistent training leads to muscle breakdown and without time off the muscles simply cannot heal. 


It’s also a good idea to take it easy after a hard track workout or long run.  By that I mean don’t stand on your feet all day (if you can help it) or go dancing all night.  After particularly tough training sessions you should stretch, eat within two hours of finishing, and elevate/ice your legs. 


It’s also very important to get a good night’s sleep – every night if possible.  Ever hear of HGH?  Human growth hormone is released naturally when we sleep and is critically important to the repair of our broken-down muscles.  If we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies will not repair as well as they should.  A lack of sleep also makes it more difficult to focus our concentration and negatively impacts our neuromuscular coordination.  That, of course, can lead to injury. 


In summary:

        - Take one day off (or very easy) per week

        -  Relax and recover after tough training sessions

        -  Adopt proper sleeping habits

        -  Remember, more is not always better!


Triathlon on TV:


You can still catch Coach Marty waving at the camera during the Great Escape Triathlon on Sun Sports TV – March 14 at 11pm and March 18 at 1:30pm.  Commentators are Dave Ragsdale, editor of Florida Sports Magazine, and Sheila Taormina, 3 time Olympian and 2004 ITU World Champion.




I’ll be racing at Ironman Arizona on April 9 along with 2,000 other intrepid souls.   You’ll be able to follow splits and what not over at www.ironmanlive.com.


YMCA Swimming:


Is still going strong.  Come join us at the Downtown YMCA on Tuesdays and Fridays from 6-7AM for about 2,000 yards of stroke drills and grueling freestyle sets designed to help you get out of the water one step ahead of your buddies!


That’s all for this time!


Enjoy your sport,

Marty Gaal

One Step Beyond Multisport Coaching


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