The Next Level Newsletter - November 2004

Howdy and welcome to the Next Level Newsletter, Volume I, Issue XI. Winter is upon us, and that means the temperature in Central Florida has dropped to the low to mid 80s. Wow, expect snow soon.

Now that the election season is behind us we can all stop watching Fox News or CBS and go back to talking about things that really concern us Ė like bike parts and track workouts. Itís hard to be a partisan hack when it comes to mile repeats, donít you think? ;-)

In athlete news, many of you are in vacation or maintenance mode, and I hope youíre enjoying yourself. Multisport training is a time consuming hobby, and Iím sure your friends and loved ones enjoy seeing what you look like without a bike helmet or running hat on. Early spring will be here soon enough, while those of you in the snowy North will soon be able to enjoy some of those winter sports I hear so much about. In other words, have some fun out there.

But not all of us are lying around the house right now! Congrats to Kathy Larkin, who shaved over a minute off her 5k PR a few weeks ago. Good work!

Locally, my wife Brianne and I ran in Richardís Run for Life 5k, which had over 800 runners this year. Thanks again to all of you who helped support this charitable event, and we hope youíll put the race on your calendar in 2005.

On to training subjects:

A few general tips for off-season training and Ďlifeí choices:

Brick workouts:

Some coaches like to include brick workouts on a year round basis. Others schedule them only during certain phases of the year. I tend to include them nearly year round, but at a very low intensity during pre-base and base training. If your ĎAí race is more than six months away, getting a brick workout in is not going to make or break your season. But, it sure wonít hurt and can help you stay adapted to running off the bike.



Heading out the door for a run is probably the easiest way for most of us to stay fit and keep our aerobic base. If youíre a year-round runner, do as many of your runs as possible on soft surfaces to save your legs from the pounding they can take on the pavement. This becomes more of an issue for those in the Clydesdale/Athena ranks. Obviously, running on the trails has its own perils, such as roots, rocks, and streams Ė so donít run with your eyes closed. Grass trails, woodchip trails, and dirt trails are all high on my list of running destinations. Rubber tracks and wooden boardwalks are also easier on your legs.

Holiday eating:

You donít have to eat everything your family puts on your plate. Donít use the holidays as an excuse to undo months of work youíve put into approaching a more ideal body composition. Say no to thirds, is what Iím saying.

OSB Winter Camp:

The OSB and BodyZen Multisport Winter Camp is set to take place on February 25-27 in Clermont, FL. The camp will finish with the Great Escape Triathlon. Click here for more information and to sign up for what is sure to be a fun and informative weekend (with some serious training thrown in for good measure).

Thatís for now. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving holiday and are enjoying the falling leaves. If the leaves are still falling, that is.

Enjoy your sport,
Marty Gaal
One Step Beyond Multisport Coaching
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