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The Next Level Newsletter
Volume V, Issue XI   November 2008
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Prepared Steps
Powerstroke Ezine
TAC-OSB Masters
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Healthy Eating
St Pete Beach Camp
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Prepared Steps

We've finished a number of pre-made training plans and have posted them on our Prepared Steps page.  If there's a particular program you'd like to request, please email Coach Marty.

One Step Beyond is a proud coaching sponsor of the 2009 North Carolina Triathlon Series, a highly competitive series throughout North Carolina.

Check out these well-run races if you're ever in area and stop by the OSB table to say hi!


Looking for weekly swim workouts, a database of technique videos, and regular swim training tips? 

Sign up for our Powerstroke Ezine here!

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TAC-OSB Masters Swimming

Live in the Triangle area and looking for a great U.S. Masters swimming program?

Triangle Aquatics (TAC) and One Step Beyond (OSB) have teamed up to provide more practice times! 

Practice times are:
Monday 6-7AM, 730-845PM
Tuesday 730-845PM
Wednesday 6-7AM
Thursday 730-845PM
Friday 6-7AM

Fees are $50 per month or $6.25 per drop-in.

Read all the details here!

Dear Marty,
Welcome to the Next Level Newsletter, Volume V, Issue XI! 

In Athlete News:

  • Cari Soleo qualifies for the Boston Marathon at the Richmond Marathon!
  • Kerry Troester takes 18th at the 70.3 World Championship in Clearwater!
  • Tracy Archer, Shawna Anstey, and Rich Newsome all finish their first Ironman at IM Florida!
  • Kathy Larkin takes 1st AG at the Beach 2 Battleship Half!
  • Karen Crews takes 3rd Athena at the Beach 2 Battleship Half!
  • Michelle Harwood qualifies for the Boston Marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon!
Healthy Eating - on a budget
Jennifer Patzkowsky, MS, RD/LDN

We are all experiencing the budget crunch. Race entry fees are getting more expensive and food costs are soaring. Even though smart eating can seem difficult when you are counting your pennies, but it doesn't have to be. With careful meal planning, shopping, and cooking you can trim both your waistline and your food budget.

Frequent eating out can be disastrous to your pocketbook. (Spending $5 a day on a "value meal" for lunch adds up to more than $1,200 per year.) Even if you spend a little more on convenience items to make your lunches, you will probably save more in the long run. Here are some suggestions to help you get the most of your food budget.

Read the full article here!
OSB Cary Masters
OSB St Pete Beach Training Camp
February 24 - March 1, 2009

Looking for a great winter break training camp?  Join coaches Marty and Bri for several days of fun group training in beautiful St. Pete Beach, Florida! 

This will be OSB's fifth annual winter triathlon training camp in Florida.  We'll be swimming in the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, running on flat sand beaches, and riding the quiet roads of Fort Desoto Park.

What is included:
2 meals per day, entry into all training venues, a Powerstrok
e DVD, individual swim and run video analysis, and various other OSB goodies

The prices:
$900 for Tuesday-Sunday camp, lodging included
$500 for Tuesday-Sunday camp, without lodging
$400 for Thursday-Sunday camp, without lodging

Click here for additional information and to reserve your spot today!

Marty Gaal, CSCS

Plyometrics are an excellent way to develop strength and coordination, and add some speed to your run without doing the same old boring running intervals.

The definition of a plyometric is an exercise that involves an eccentric muscle contraction (contract and lengthen) followed by a concentric muscle contraction (contract and shorten).  In other words, most involve jumping motions of some sort. 

A simple plyometric is jumping rope.  A more advanced plyometric is a box jump (from the ground jump up 12 to 18 inches to the top of a box, and then back down).

Plyos are demanding and tough on the body, and you should build into a plyometric routine slowly.  Start with a simpler routine like this:

jump rope for 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • rest break
  • 2 leg hops (jump forward with effort) 5 times
  • rest break
  • standing jumps (jump straight up) 5 times

The first time you do this you might do it just once or twice through.  Once you are comfortable with a routine like this, include more repetitions (10 reps instead of 5 times) or repeat the series more times (4x through instead of 1 or 2x).

A more advanced routine could be:
  • 1 leg hop forward 10 times (each leg)
  • rest break
  • 10-20 box jumps
  • rest break
  • uphill sprint (run fast uphill 20 seconds)
  • break

Before starting any plyometric routine, you should consult with a strength coach or your trainer to ensure the routine is designed according to your ability and needs.  These are tough and you'll be sore after, but they are a great way to help build strength and avoid injury.

Powerstroke® Triathlon Swim Clinics
 next date - January 10, 2009

Swimming photo

Join us on January 10, 2009 at 8 AM for a six hour swim and triathlon clinic.  Each clinic includes:
  • Three lectures on swim/triathlon training
  • An hour long Powerstroke® swim skills practice session
  • An individual swim analysis
  • Lunch
  • A DVD of each swimmer's technique analysis
  • A CD of all camp materials presented
Read what a couple of our previous athletes had to say:

"Your clinic was just what I needed.  I felt myself swimming better in just the short time we spent in the pool on Saturday.  Thanks for all the great insight..." - Doug M.

"You did a GREAT job with the clinic!  I'm looking forward to taking the feedback you gave me with my stroke to improve my swimming.  I also liked the group setting as many people asked questions that it was quite helpful to hear the answers as they are questions that I have had, but didn't think to ask...The other nice part is all of the information you've given us on a CD.  It's nice to be able to refer back and review." - Carolyn V.

The clinic fee is $99 and is limited to twenty athletes.  Sign up here today!

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