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The Next Level Newsletter
Volume V, Issue IX   September 2008
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Prepared Steps

We've finished a number of pre-made training plans and have posted them on our Prepared Steps page.  If there's a particular program you'd like to request, please email Coach Marty.

My Favorite Run Workout
by Coach Bri

6 x 800, run as 600 at goal 5k/10K pace then 200 FAST!
This is a really fun track workout for you to try sometime - it's basically 800 meter repeats with a twist. Just like in a race, we all want to have a good sprint finish, and this works on that.

It also helps to dial in your goal 5K or 10K pace, thus getting you a bit tired before you get into that 200 meter fast at the end. 

The recovery interval should be a full 400 easy jog.

The key here is to hit your goal pace for the first 600. Pacing is everything in this workout; it's so tempting to run above your level when you get on the track, but the only way to get faster is to have your body run the correct pace - and not any faster.

The pace changes keep it interesting and you'll be done before you know it. Have fun and rock that track!

My favorite swim workout
by Coach Marty

20 x 100 freestyle,  drop the interval 5 seconds every 5th 100.

I'll translate that for you - in this workout your goal is to swim the last five 100s at a very hard effort while only getting 2 to 5 seconds rest. 

So if your hard pace effort is about 1:10, your goal would be to swim the last five 100s on the 1:15 sendoff.  Your starting interval would be 1:30.  So you'd swim:

5 on 1:30 sendoff
5 on 1:25 sendoff
5 on 1:20 sendoff
5 on 1:15 sendoff

The first ten might not seem so bad, but the next five are going to be tough, and those last five are killer.  If you don't make it the first time you try it - that's OK.  Do this set about once a month and you'll have a good idea of what sort of shape you're in!

One Step Beyond is a proud coaching sponsor of the Trysports Triathlon Development Series, a group of races that caters to beginner triathletes. 

Check out these races if you're ever in the North Carolina area!


Looking for weekly swim workouts, a database of technique videos, and regular swim training tips? 

Sign up for our Powerstroke Ezine here!

Our Sponsors

Dear Marty,
Welcome to the Next Level Newsletter, Volume V, Issue IX! 
Powerstroke® Triathlon Swim Clinic
 October 18

Swimming photo

Join us on October 18th at 8 AM for this six hour swim and triathlon clinic.  Each clinic includes:
  • Three lectures on swim/triathlon training
  • An hour long Powerstroke® swim skills practice session
  • An individual swim analysis
  • Lunch
  • A DVD of each swimmer's technique analysis
  • A CD of all camp materials presented
Read what a couple of our previous athletes had to say:

"Your clinic was just what I needed.  I felt myself swimming better in just the short time we spent in the pool on Saturday.  Thanks for all the great insight..." - Doug M.

"You did a GREAT job with the clinic!  I'm looking forward to taking the feedback you gave me with my stroke to improve my swimming.  I also liked the group setting as many people asked questions that it was quite helpful to hear the answers as they are questions that I have had, but didn't think to ask...The other nice part is all of the information you've given us on a CD.  It's nice to be able to refer back and review." - Carolyn V.

The clinic fee is $95 and is limited to twenty athletes.  Sign up here today!

In Athlete News:

  • Leslie Hack PRs at the Staten Island Half-marathon
  • Tim Gensler drops 13 minutes at the Harvest Moon Triathlon
  • Kerry Troester is the female NC Masters mile champion, 7th OA at the Magnificent Mile
  • Coach Bri wins the Sandman Triathlon in VA Beach
  • Coach Marty takes 5th OA at the Sandman Triathlon in VA Beach
  • Justus Koester takes 4th overall, 1st AG at the Venice Sprint Triathlon
  • Heather Honnold takes 4th AG at the Lake Norman YMCA Triathlon
  • Greg Capps finishes his first Ironman at Ironman Louisville
  • Coach Bri Gaal wins the Triangle Sportsplex Triathlon
  • Justus Koester takes 3rd AG at the Publix FFW Ft Desoto Triathlon
  • Kerry Troester takes 5th AG at Timberman 70.3, qualifying for 70.3 Worlds
TAC-OSB Masters Swimming

Live in the Triangle area and looking for a great US masters swimming program?

The Triangle Aquatic Center (TAC) and One Step Beyond (OSB) have teamed up to provide more practice times! 

Practice times are:
Monday 6-7AM, 730-845PM
Tuesday 730-845PM
Wednesday 6-7AM
Thursday 730-845PM
Friday 6-7AM

Fees are $50 per month or $6.25 per drop-in.

Read all the details here!


Good Mood Foods
by Jennifer Patzkowsky, RD/LDN

Has your mood taken a nosedive? Check out these tips to improve your mood. Feel free to share these tips with others, especially that person who always seems to be in a bad mood.

Fish, particularly fish high in omega 3 fatty acids, manipulate brain chemicals in ways that boost mood. Also studies reveal that there is a low incidence of depression in countries that consume a lot of fish. Good sources of omega 3s include wild salmon, sardines, herring, anchovies, and mackerel.

Don't like fish? Other sources of omega 3s include walnuts and flaxseed.

Milk contains a potent combination of whey protein and carbohydrate. Together these nutrients increase serotonin levels and reduce feelings of anxiety, anger, and frustration, so you have better coping skills against stress. Need to wind down at night? Have a glass of milk before bed or even make a cup of no sugar added hot cocoa with milk.

Eggs, more specifically egg yolks are the only major source of phospholipids, which are required to create a healthy cell membrane throughout the entire body, especially in the brain. Eggs also contain choline, an essential nutrient that is the basis of all neurotransmission in the brain. To stay within American Heart Association's guidelines of three hundred milligrams of cholesterol a day, only one egg yolk per day is recommended.

B vitamins, particularly folic acid, has a profound effect on your mood. Research shows that a deficiency of folic acid can cause depressive symptoms including fatigue, poor concentration, or moodiness. Folic acid is found in dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, and broccoli. Fruits such as bananas, strawberries and oranges are also good sources.

Finally, the most important tip to remember, GET ENOUGH SLEEP. When your brain is craving rest, you easily fall into the trap of looking for the foods that you think are going to make you feel better which usually adds more caffeine, sugar, and fat to your diet. But that's a misinterpretation of what you really need, which is rest.

For a sample yummy recipe, read the full article.

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