The Early Season

Here we are, late March and on the cusp of the triathlon season! Although some of you may have already sneaked in a race, for most us our season is still upon us. How are you feeling? Iím beginning to notice that there are several different places you can be in right now, all with positive and negative aspects. Here are three:

I Wanna Race!
You are very excited to get out there Ė you absolutely canít wait to toe the line! This seems like a great scenario and for those of you who have an A race right at the beginning of the season it is a good place to be in. However, donít fall into the trap of racing your training just because youíre feeling so good. For a lot of us, this is a long season and thereís no reason to win the workout in March. Stick to your plan and keep a long term outlook.

I Think Iím Missing SomethingÖ
Oh yeah, itís my motivation! Where has it gone? I just canít seem to get into my training right now. I donít feel like pushing super hard yet, and sometimes I donít feel like doing anything at all! Why am I having so much trouble finding my fire? Donít worry! Again, this sport has very long seasons, and even though you may think you had taken enough downtime last year, perhaps years of racing has added up to mean you need a more extended break. Youíll find your motivation again Ė you just may need to reevaluate your goals for the season. Donít beat yourself up over this. Maybe you need a change of scenery or a destination race that will get you going. Remember, this is for fun. Have some fun and before you know it youíll find that mojo again. In the meantime, donít worry about.

Keeping Up With The Jonesís
I definitely fall victim to this one! Hearing or reading what other people are doing can really play with your mind and make you doubt yourself and your training. In the internet age, the plethora of blogs out there with people detailing every workout they do can sometimes be just a little too much information. Donít let what other people are doing affect YOUR plan. Just because Timmy Trainstoomuch is doing 100 mile bike rides and 50x100 leaving on the 1:20 does not mean you should be! It is way too easy for us to compare ourselves to others and then become disappointed. Self doubt is a killer (in more areas than just triathlons). If youíre really concerned, talk it over with your coach or a close friend who understands.

Hereís to a great racing season full of fun, laughter and of course, a little bit of hurt! See you all out there!

Brianne Gaal - March 2008