Off-Season Training

It’s that time of year when many of us begin to consider some serious down time before gearing back up for the next season. A few weeks of easy activity is very good for the body. During a tough training cycle minor physical issues can be held at bay. The off-season allows time for the body to rest and repair before launching into the next cycle.

For most age-group athletes, the winter off-season should last no less than two weeks and no more than two months. You don’t want to get too lazy. Your lifestyle and goals will dictate how long this period should be. Those of you with higher aspirations will in general want to take less total ‘downtime’ than those of you who are in it for fun and fitness.

Mentally, the off-season is a must for all. Even the most focused athletes on the planet need a few weeks to decompress and forget about the pressure they place upon themselves. Downtime is a key component of any serious athlete’s lifestyle.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a walk in the park, going a mountain bike ride with your buddies, or heading out for a weekend ski session in the Rockies. These are all great outdoor activities that will keep you healthy and fit.

A few keys to healthy off-season training: